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Here’s My Favorite Way To Play ‘Tubi Roulette’ And Find Something To Watch


A Roulette wheel with Tubi at the center against a background of tubi movies

Regular users of Tubi are likely to already be familiar with ‘Tubi Roulette.’ For those new to it, Tubi Roulette basically refers to watching a random movie on Tubi. While it is not uncommon for users of any streaming service to watch a random movie, the difference here is that you are not searching for a random movie to watch. Instead, you fire up the Tubi app and just watch a movie—no matter what it is, what it is about, or how good (or bad) you suspect it might be.

I am a fan of watching random movies and can often be found watching the most random ones the service manages to recommend on my version of the Home screen. When I can’t find something to watch, however, Tubi Roulette is my go to option. While there are many ways to play Tubi Roulette, with a number generator one of the more common, my favorite way adds an extra step, and works best if you have a Tubi account and are signed in.

If you want to play along, here’s how it works:

  1. Open the Tubi app
  2. Select the first movie in the Recommended row (doesn’t matter if you’ve seen it)
  3. Immediately fast forward to the very end of the movie
  4. Wait for Tubi to surface recommendations (during the end credits)
  5. Watch the first recommended title

What I like about this method is that you are throwing an extra random spanner in the works, while relying on how well Tubi knows you and your interests. This last point is also why this version of Tubi Roulette works best with an account and when signed in, as you are getting a random recommendation based on a movie that was already recommended to you.

However, if you are one of those that don’t see the additional value in a free Tubi account, this version of Tubi Roulette is still worth giving a try. Even if not signed into an account, Tubi is pretty good at recommending content, and the additional spin-the-wheel step will help you dive deeper into the Tubi rabbit hole more quickly, resulting in even more of a random movie.

Likewise, if you are someone who tends to use a random number generator when playing Tubi Roulette, you too can play my version. Instead of watching whatever movie the generated number corresponds to, just fast forward to the end and play the first recommended title instead.

No matter how you use Tubi, the point here is to never watch the first movie and always go with the first recommended title shown during the end credits. If you’ve already seen that one, no problem. Spin the wheel again by clicking on that first movie recommendation, fast forwarding to the end again, and playing the first recommendation.

So next time you’re stuck for something to watch, why not give my favorite way of playing Tubi Roulette a try. Also, let me know in the comments if you have any favorite ways to play Tubi Roulette, so I can give them a try as well.

See you in there!

John Finn


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