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Hulu Live TV Adds 14 New Channels (Including All 3 Hallmark Channels)


Hulu Live TV channels 2022

Hulu Live TV is adding 14 channels to its lineup including all three Hallmark channels and The Weather Channel. While this is a fairly large number of additions, not all of them are arriving at the same time. Some of them had already become available earlier in the month and the majority of them won’t arrive until the start of next month.

Hulu Live TV is only one of a number of live TV streaming services now operating in the US. Even though it is one of the more expensive options, with its cheapest live TV plan starting at $69.99 per month, a Hulu Live TV subscription does also unlock access to Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and the basic Hulu library at no additional cost.

Hulu has announced the addition of 14 new channels to its live TV lineup today. Technically, only 12 channels are still to be added considering The Weather Channel and Comedy.TV quietly became available on Nov. 1. Of the remaining 12, Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries have now been added to the base package. Hulu also added Hallmark Drama today, but only to its Entertainment add-on, which costs an additional $7.99 each month.

The rest of the new additions are all set to become available on December 1st and are all being added to the base plan.

Here is the full list of Hulu Live TV’s latest channel additions:

  • The Weather Channel (Nov. 1)
  • Comedy.TV (Nov. 1)
  • Hallmark Channel (Nov. 14)
  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (Nov. 14)
  • Hallmark Drama (Nov. 14 – requires Entertainment add-on)
  • Vevo Pop (Dec. 1)
  • Vevo Hip-Hop (Dec. 1)
  • Vevo Country (Dec. 1)
  • Vevo ‘80s (Dec. 1)
  • Vevo ‘90s (Dec. 1)
  • Vevo Holiday (Dec. 1)
  • TheGrio (Dec. 1)
  • Justice Central (Dec. 1)
  • The Weather Channel en Español (Dec. 1)

The announcement of these new channels came without any mention of a price increase. However, the cost of a Hulu Live TV base plan is set to increase automatically for existing subscribers on December 8th when a new Disney Plus price increase takes effect. At which point, the cost of the base Hulu Live TV plan will rise to $74.99 per month for existing subscribers.

Whether a new or existing subscriber, it will still be possible to subscribe to Hulu Live TV at the current $69.99 per month rate after Dec 8. This will be for the newer ad-only plan, which results in a switch from ad-free Disney Plus to an ad-supported version.

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