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Hulu With Disney+ And Starz For $4 a Month Is A Winning Black Friday Bundle


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While there are plenty of streaming deals available this Black Friday weekend, Hulu with Disney+ and Starz for just $4 a month is one of the best you will find. Access to three different streaming services for less than $5 a month is a rarity in 2023, so this is one deal worth considering before it expires.

Hulu, on its own, now costs a minimum of $7.99 a month. If wanting to access Disney+, new subscribers will also pay a minimum of $7.99 when signing up. If wanting to bundle both together, it is possible to do so through the $9.99 a month Duo Basic bundle.

While $10 a month isn’t a bad price for both of these streaming services, Hulu is currently offering the option to subscribe to the $7.99 plan for just 99 cents a month for the first 12 months. On top of this, Disney+ can be added as an add-on for an additional $2 each month, taking the monthly total up to just $2.99 for the first 12 months.

If all that wasn’t enough, Hulu is also offering the option to add Starz as an add-on for just 99 cents a month for the first 6 months. If adding Starz, in addition to Disney+, the total cost comes out to just $3.97 a month.

Considering a Starz subscription typically costs $9.99 a month, when adding this to the $9.99 Duo Bundle price for Hulu and Disney+, subscribers to all three services would normally pay as much as $19.98 a month. At the current Black Friday prices, subscribers are saving as much as $16 a month for each of the first 6 months.

A great deal, so long as you don’t mind ads

The one downside with this bundle is that the discounted prices are for the ad-supported plans. Other than Starz, which is ad-free by default, both the discounted Hulu and Disney+ subscriptions are for the With Ads plans.

That said, even if you are someone who hates ads, this is still a deal worth considering. The Duo Premium bundle, which includes ad-free Hulu and ad-free Disney+, costs $19.99 a month. When adding the additional $9.99 a month for Starz, subscribers would pay as much as $29.98 for ad-free access to all three streaming services.

That’s a massive $26.01 more each month than the current Black Friday deal Hulu is offering for Hulu, Disney+ and Starz. Is it really worth paying $26 more each month just to watch without the ads? We don’t think so. That additional money can be better spent elsewhere, including on other streaming services.

To maximize savings, remember to cancel in time

One of the main caveats to be aware of with this Hulu-Disney+-Starz bundle is the different cancelation dates. While Hulu’s Black Friday deal is good for a full 12 months, Hulu is only offering cheaper Starz for the first 6 months. If signing up to Hulu and added Starz, subscribers may want to set a reminder to cancel Starz before the end of the sixth month to avoid paying the full $9.99 price in the seventh month.

As for Disney+, this should be an easier add-on to manage. As far as we are aware, and pending any major change, Disney+ should continue to be billed at the special $2 add-on on price for as long as the Hulu subscription remains active.

Of course, the Hulu subscription itself will renew at $7.99 (or higher if there’s another price increase before then) after the 12th month. At which point, subscribers would begin paying $9.99 a month, the same price the Duo Bundle is currently offered at without any discounts or deals.

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