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Disney+ Duo Basic vs Duo Premium: The Differences (And How To Choose)


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Disney+ recently launched a new Duo Premium bundle but what makes it different to the existing Duo Basic plan? Here we cover the main differences between the two Duo packages to make it easier for you to decide which one is best for you.

For those new to Disney Plus in general, there are now multiple subscription options for you to choose from. Not only can you subscribe to Disney Plus on its own (with Basic and Premium tiers to choose between), but you can also bundle Disney Plus with ESPN Plus and Basic Hulu.

If bundling with both Disney Plus and basic Hulu, this is what’s known as the Disney Plus Trio bundle. As the Duo name suggests, this bundle option only combines Disney Plus with one other streaming service, and that’s Hulu.

Whether you sign up to the Disney Plus Duo Basic or Duo Premium plan, you get access to both Disney Plus and basic Hulu. However, the two Duo bundle tiers are not the same, with the main differences coming down to the price, ads, and downloads.

Disney+Duo BasicDuo Premium

Disney Plus Duo Basic is cheaper

What is probably the most important difference between the Duo Basic and Duo Premium plans is the price, with Duo Premium costing twice as much as Duo Basic.

The Duo Basic plan combines the Disney Plus Basic and Hulu (With Ads) subscriptions and costs $9.99 a month. In comparison, the Duo Premium bundle combines the Disney Plus Premium and Hulu (No Ads) subscriptions and costs $19.99, $10 more each month than Duo Basic.

Regardless of whether signing up to the Duo Basic or Duo Premium plan, you will save compared to subscribing to the two included subscriptions separately. Overall, however, the Duo Basic tier is now the cheapest way to subscribe to both Disney Plus and basic Hulu.

Disney Plus Duo Premium removes ads (and adds downloads)

While the Duo Basic bundle is cheaper, the Duo Premium bundle offers more features, including an ad-free viewing experience. As is so often the case in streaming, ad-free plans cost significantly more than ad-supported plans and Disney Plus and Hulu are no different.

When signing up to the Duo Premium plan, subscribers can expect to watch movies, shows, and other content without ads on both Disney Plus and Hulu.

Another major difference between Duo Basic and Duo Premium is downloads. Those signed up to the Duo Premium plan do have the option of downloading videos to watch at a later time, including when offline.

While an additional benefit, it is worth keeping in mind that not every title is available to download. In addition, downloads are only really available on mobile devices. If you don’t tend to watch either Disney Plus or Hulu on a mobile device, the download support might not be as useful of a benefit as the removal of ads.

Duo Basic vs Duo Premium — how to choose

If you are mainly looking to save as much as possible on streaming, then the Disney Plus Duo Basic plan is likely to be the right option for you. As this is Disney’s basic Duo plan, it is also Disney’s cheapest Duo plan as well.

The downside with this bundle is that it is an ad-supported subscription. As a result, Duo Basic subscribers should expect to see ads when watching content on both Disney Plus and Hulu.

If you are more interested in an ad-free viewing experience than saving money then the Duo Premium tier is the only plan to consider.

Even if you only care about removing the ads from one of the two included streaming services, you’re still likely to find that it’s cheaper to subscribe to this ad-free bundle, so it makes more sense to reap the benefits of both ad-free upgrades.

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