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It Looks Like Walmart Is Readying A New ‘Pro’ Google TV Player


Onn Google TV 4K Streaming Box connected

Walmart appears to be in the process of readying a new ‘Pro’ Google TV player. Considering one of the big selling points with the company’s Onn product line is the price, a Pro model could offer good value for those looking for a more premium streaming player.

Walmart made quite a bit of noise last year when it introduced its $20 Onn Google TV 4K Streaming Box. With upgrades to the resolution and operating system, the 4K Streaming Box offered great value overall. In spite of going on sell at an incredibly low price, Walmart released a new $15 FHD streaming player later the same year.

According to a Bluetooth SIG listing spotted by 91Mobiles, Walmart is now preparing to add a new “Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device” model to its player lineup. As Bluetooth SIG listings only confirm the use of Bluetooth, the listing doesn’t provide any real details on the device, other than its existence, the inclusion of a remote control, and Bluetooth 5.2.

However, the ‘Pro’ name would seem to suggest that this player will be marketed as more of a premium device in general. What that means exactly remains unknown, but ‘Pro’ models often come with greater memory and storage, as well as support for newer technologies. In short, they tend to be more powerful devices overall.

Providing this device does make it to market, and there’s no reason to suggest it won’t, consumers can probably expect it to be priced at a higher point than the previous Onn streaming players. At the same time, consumers can probably still expect the new player to be cheap, compared to the competition.

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