Latest Vizio WatchFree+ Expansion Takes Total Channels To More Than 300

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According to the latest data from Vizio, the company’s WatchFree+ service continued to grow over the past year. This is not just in terms of watch time, but also content,. With Vizio’s streaming service having now received another content upgrade, WatchFree+ is now home to more than 300 live channels and over 15,000 on-demand titles.

In terms of users, and based on the company’s own internal data, WatchFree+ viewing hours have more than doubled over the past 12 months. Vizio also noted the performance of its own curated channels and how they “have become a go-to destination for many viewers.” According to average daily unique devices data for Q4 of 2023, Vizio’s Investigation and Fork & Flight curated channels ranked in the top 5 in their genres.

WatchFree+ has solidified its position as the premium, free streaming destination for VIZIO households, thanks to our ever-expanding content offering, major studio & network partnerships, and enhanced user experience,” said Katherine Pond, Group Vice President of Platform Content & Partnerships. “With these latest programming additions and product updates, WatchFree+ continues to deliver an entertainment experience that consumers love.”

Speaking of the latest programming additions, Vizio has confirmed expanded agreements with Warner Bros. Discovery, Electric Entertainment, Sony, and Lionsgate. For example, WatchFree+ users now have access to 11 new channels from Warner Bros. Discovery, including Bachelor Nation (ch. 917), Say Yes To The Dress (ch. 911), and Nikita (ch. 737).

Likewise, WatchFree+ users also now have access to six Lionsgate channels, including MovieSphere by Lionsgate (channel 611), Ebony TV by Lionsgate (ch. 663), and HerSphere by Lionsgate (ch. 631).

Along with these studio partnership expansions, Vizio also announced the availability of the following two new curated Channels:

  • Comedy Club (ch. 950) delivers the best in stand-up comedy, documentaries, and shows featuring comedic giants like Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Lewis Black, and more.
  • Valor (ch. 604) coming in February, features military films, TV series, and documentaries, highlighting the commitment of America’s military services.

These latest programmed in-house channel additions take the overall number of Vizio’s curated channels to 10, and all of the new channels have helped push the total number beyond 300.

Along with the expansion of channels, Vizio’s Electronic Program Guide (EPG) has also gained some new categories in a bid to further help viewers more easily find the content they are looking for. These new categories include History, Documentaries, Nature + Science, Entertainment, and Mood + Ambiance, among others.

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