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Vizio WatchFree+ Gets New Information Screen With Option To Favorite Channels, Enable Closed Captions And More


Vizio WatchFree Plus Navigation Upgrade

Vizio’s WatchFree+ service is now even easier to navigate thanks to an upgrade which unlocks access to more options, including the ability to favorite a channel and enable closed captions.

For those unaware, WatchFree+ is a completely free streaming service offered by Vizio to its smart TV users. The streaming service not only provides access to more than 275 live channels, but also a variety of on-demand content as well.

The latest upgrade appears to be primarily focused on the live experience. Specifically, WatchFree+ users now have access to a new information screen after switching to a new channel. The information screen provides details about the channel and quick access to additional options.

With the new information screen, WatchFree+ users can now expect to see the following after switching to a new channel:

  • Content title, description, showtimes, and channel number
  • The option to favorite the channel
  • The option to turn on closed captions
  • Shortcuts to launch the WatchFree+ Guide

The ability to favorite a channel is likely to be a very useful addition, as it should make it even easier and quicker to switch between the channels a home watches most often. For reference, once a channel has been favorited, it is then pushed to the top of the WatchFree+ guide for easier access at a later time.

According to Vizio, the new information screen will remain visible for approximately 4.5 seconds after switching channels. However, users can access the information screen at any time by pressing the OK button on their remote.

Vizio appears to be highly focused on improving navigation recently. Back in December, the company began rolling out a ‘Home Enhancement’ update which looked to improve loading and navigation across the Vizio experience.

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