LG’s New Hotel TVs Will Play Nicely With Your iPhone or iPad

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LG’s new commercial TVs will come with Apple AirPlay support, making it possible for hotel guests to connect and share content from their iPhone or iPad to the TV in their hotel room.


LG is already known as a major player within the consumer TV market, but it also makes television sets for other industries as well. For example, its Hospitality division focuses on TVs that are designed for hotels, guests, and in-room services.

Now, hospitality vice president at LG Business Solutions USA, Michael Kosla, confirmed that, starting later this year at select properties, AirPlay will be available to guests on LG Pro: Centric Smart Hotel TVs. The announcement was made ahead of next week’s HITEC 2023 hospitality technology trade show, where more details are expected to be made public.


The announcement did make clear that the launch later this year will mark the launch of the “world’s first commercial television sets to feature Apple AirPlay technology support for hotels,” and how these TVs will give hotels “an immediate leg up with travelers who use Apple devices.”

In explaining the reasoning why this will be seen as an advantage, LG says that consumers are increasingly wanting access to their own personal media options, wherever they are, including in hotel rooms.

This is not just something that LG is thinking. We have already seen airlines attempt to facilitate personal devices and services on flights, including a number of recent deals with streaming services that make accessing content easier than before, even live TV, and on their own devices.


With the introduction of hotel TVs that offer in-room access to personal media options for guests, travelers might start to find they can watch their favorite media and access their preferred services at home, en route, and even after arriving at a hotel.

According to LG, the company and Apple have worked closely to make the connection process as simple as possible. In fact, guests won’t even need to worry about logins, passwords, or additional apps to download.

Instead, they will simply scan a unique QR code to connect their iPhone or iPad securely to the LG smart hotel TV. After which, they will then be able to access their personal entertainment apps and accounts on the in-room television.

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