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LIV Golf Plus App Now Available On LG Smart TVs


LIV Golf Plus app LG TV

The LIV Golf Plus app is now available to download on LG smart TVs, and just ahead of the start of the Valderrama Tournament that takes place this weekend.

For those unfamiliar with this app, LIV Golf Plus offers access to exclusive live and on-demand videos of the LIV Golf League, including live video coverage of events. The app first launched back in February of this year but only on select platforms.

This month saw LG smart TVs added as an officially supported platform. The app initially was released to the LG Content Store on June 15 and is now available to download on LG smart TVs. All LG models dating back to 2018, and running a minimum of webOS 4.0, are listed as compatible with the new app.

In addition to the Valderrama tournament taking place between June 30 and July 2, users of the LIV Golf Plus app will also be able to watch the LIV Golf Invitational London tournament live over the July 7-9 weekend.

For those without an LG TV, the LIV Golf Plus app is also available to download on a number of other platforms and devices, including Android (mobile and TV), Apple TV, Fire TV, and iOS. It is also possible to watch LIV Golf League broadcasts directly via the LIV Golf Plus website on devices with access to a web browser.

Regardless of the supported device used, the LIV Golf Plus app is also slated to get a few new features over the coming months, including greater personalization and new interactive leaderboard features.

The app is also expected to gain support for additional smart TV platforms later this year, according to ViewLift, the digital content distribution platform that helped power the LIV Golf Plus app’s arrival on LG smart TVs.

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