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MLS And MLB Fans Can Now Watch In Multiview Mode On Apple TV 4K

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Multiview on Apple TV

Apple’s Multiview feature is now available when watching MLS Season Pass and Friday Night Baseball content on the Apple TV 4K streaming player.

While this is not the first time Apple TV users have gained access to the feature, it is the first time it has become somewhat widely available. Previously, only beta users could access Multiview, and only for specific events.

What’s changed today is that Apple has now unlocked Multiview on a much wider scale. No longer just reserved for beta users, all users of the Apple TV 4K streaming player can now watch MLS Season Pass or Friday Night Baseball games in Multiview mode. In addition, the feature is available at no additional cost, besides the general subscription fees associated with MLS Season Pass and Friday Night Baseball.

For those still unfamiliar with Multiview, the feature offers sports fans the option to watch up to four games on the one screen. Using a four-way split-screen design, the feature makes it possible to watch up to four live streams at the same time and without having to switch between feeds.

The mode is also fully customizable. Not only can users choose which games they are watching at the same time, but they can also choose how many are shown (up to four) and in what type of layout.

For example, one game can be displayed more prominently, or just two can be viewed in a split-screen view. According to Apple, users can also control the audio as well. For example, listening to the “home radio feed for MLS Season Pass, and home and away radio for Friday Night Baseball”.

Of course, Apple is not the only one who has been working on a multiview feature lately. YouTube TV has also invested heavily in split-screen viewing, and especially in the build up to the arrival of NFL Sunday Ticket.

Likewise, Fubo has also offered its own multiview support for some time now. Unlike YouTube TV, however, Fubo’s multiview remains limited to just the Apple TV player.

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