MotorTrend Plus Not The Same As MotorTrend: Here Are The Differences

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MotorTrend and MotorTrend Plus sound similar and are part of the same network family, However, they are very different services and aimed at different household needs. Which one is ultimately the best option for an individual or home will depend on how much MotorTrend access is wanted, and whether they are already paying for a live TV subscription each month.

Many will already be familiar with the standard MotorTrend network. This is a traditional live TV channel and can be accessed with a live TV plan. It is also possible to visit the MotorTrend website, login with the live TV account credentials and watch online, so long as the live TV plan comes with TV Everywhere support for MotorTrend.

Whether watching through a live TV service or the website, MotorTrend provides access to a variety of motoring-based and related shows and programs, as well as access to select motorsports events. Put simply, MotorTrend is the main MotorTrend experience that many already know and have access to through a live TV package. MotorTrend Plus is similar, but offers access to more content and requires an additional subscription each month.

MotorTrend is a channel, MotorTrend Plus is a service

One of the major differences between the two is that MotorTrend Plus is a separate service and not a channel. While MotorTrend is a traditional live TV channel with the ability to watch some recent episodes on-demand, MotorTrend is designed to be a richer version, with thousands of episodes available to watch at any time, including access to exclusive originals, hit series, live events, replays, and more. Essentially, MotorTrend Plus has more content, but MotorTrend network has more newer content.

As MotorTrend Plus is a separate and standalone service it also requires a separate subscription. If already signed up to a live TV plan that includes MotorTrend, that subscription won’t provide access to MotorTrend Plus. In the same way, a MotoTrend Plus subscription won’t provide access to the live MotorTrend channel either. For those that want the complete MotorTrend experience, a subscription to both will be needed.

Technically, MotorTrend Plus does offer an option to watch for free, but the selection of content is pretty minimal. Similar to how Peacock works, those wanting the full MotorTrend Plus experience will need to sign up for a premium plan. The cost of the standard MotorTrend Plus plan is $4.99 per month. There is also an annual plan priced at $44.99, which works out to be around $3.75 per month on average. MotorTrend Plus offer a seven-day free trial for new users to test out the service, and regardless of whether signing up to the monthly or annual plan.

Similar content, different apps

Another key and important difference between MotorTrend and MotorTrend Plus is the level of device support. Technically, both tend to support the same devices in general, so it is unlikely that consumers will run into too many issues if switching from one to the other. However, the apps used by each service are totally different.

If subscribed to the standard MotorTrend network through a live TV plan, subscribers can either watch through the live TV provider’s app or directly through the MT GO app. MotorTrend is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, and like the other Discovery-related networks, a Go app is available for live TV subscribers to sign in and use. Once signed in they can not only watch the live MotorTrend network but also any of the available on-demand content.

MotorTrend Plus subscribers will need to download the MotorTrend+ app. The app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play as well as other popular platforms. Once downloaded, MotorTrend Plus subscribers can sign in with their account details and watch all of the content that’s available. In contrast, MotorTrend network subscribers who download the app will only be able to watch the limited selection of free content unless they sign up for a separate MotorTrend Plus subscription.

MotorTrend vs MotorTrend Plus summary

MotorTrend and MotorTrend Plus are very similar and do provide access to many of the same automobile-based shows and programming. However, while MotorTrend is available for free with certain live TV plans, MotorTrend Plus requires a standalone subscription. It is actually possible to watch MotorTrend Plus for free, but only select content. The other major difference is the app. While the MotorTrend network can be accessed through a live TV app or through the MT Go app, MotorTrend Plus requires downloading of the MotorTrend+ app.

If a a household already has access to the MotorTrend network through their live TV plan, then they probably don’t also need a MotorTrend Plus subscription. That is, unless they want access to additional MotorTrend content including Plus originals. For those without a live TV plan, MotorTrend Plus is a good option for adding motoring content, although it won’t be a direct replacement for the live MotorTrend network.

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John Finn

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Excellent DISTINCTION John, and greatly appreciated. The tangle of streaming now will only get more complicated. Explanations of what EACH service / channel provides with pricing … is … to coin an old phrase ~ PRICELESS. Thank you again for the time you invested in this article

Hi Eddie,

If not paying for a live TV or MotorTrend+ subscription, you can always watch the free MotorTrend FAST TV channel through services like Freevee, Samsung TV Plus, Vizio’s Watch Free+, Xumo, and Plex.

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