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MSG+ Officially Live With The Option To Pay Monthly, Yearly, Or Individually For Games


MSG+ Website

MSG+, the new standalone streaming service from MSG Networks, is live and offers those based in the New York area an additional way to follow and watch their favorite NBA and NHL teams.

Over the past few months, many regional sports networks and teams have been reevaluating their broadcast options, with some opting to launch their own direct-to-consumer service as a replacement (or in addition) to traditional watch options.

While the direct-to-consumer MSG+ service has technically been available for a few weeks now, MSG Networks officially confirmed the launch of the service today. MSG+ can be accessed directly through the MSG+ website and not only offer users the option to subscribe directly, but those with an eligible live TV subscription can also log in and access the service for free.

MSG Networks confirmed pricing for MSG+ earlier this year, with a standard subscription costing $29.99 a month. There is also the option to save a little over 12 months by signing up to the $309.99 annual plan.

What’s interesting about MSG+ is that, in addition to the monthly and annual options, there is also the option of a pay-as-you-go plan. Basically, sports fans can purchase access to individual games for $9.99 per game.

This is an exciting time for MSG Networks and fans of our teams,” said Andrea Greenberg, MSG Networks President and CEO. “MSG+ is a game-changer for fans who do not subscribe to a traditional, bundled pay television subscription and a win for our subscribers of participating traditional distribution partners who will have free access to this robust streaming service.”

For those that already get access to MSG Networks with their live TV subscription, they will still need to create an account to use MSG+.

Once an account is created, they will have the option to click on a Get Access button on the homepage. From there, they can select the Connect FREE with your TV Provider option from the Pick a Plan menu and sign in with the username and password associated with their live TV plan.

Alternatively, they can navigate to the Manage TV Provider tab in the Settings menu once signed in and then link their live TV account details.

In addition to accessing the service through the website, MSG Networks says the MSG+ app is now available on a variety of devices and platforms, including Android (and Android TV), iOS (and Apple TV), and Samsung smart TVs. According to the company, additional devices are expected to gain support in the future.

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