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NASA’s Free And Ad-Free NASA+ Streaming Service Is Finally Live


Nasa Plus app on Apple TV

The new NASA+ streaming service is now live. NASA originally announced the new streaming service back in July, but it remained unclear when it would actually become available outside of ‘later this year.’

With NASA+ having gone live today, those interested in streaming space-related content can now do so by heading over to the NASA+ website. As reported back in July, NASA+ is a completely free streaming service, so there is no subscription to sign up and pay for each month.

In addition to being free in terms of the price, NASA+ is also an ad-free streaming service. Unlike the rest of the free streaming services available, viewers won’t have to sit through any ad breaks in replace of a monthly subscription.

In terms of the content, the new streaming service will be home to a the agency’s existing original video series, along with a handful of new series including NASA Explorers, which kicks off with NASA Explorers: OSIRIS-REx.

In addition to watching directly through the website, it is also possible to watch NASA+ within the existing NASA app. The app was updated today on major platforms so existing app users may need to check and apply any available updates before gaining access to the new NASA+ video streaming service.

Speaking of the app, it has also now been updated with a new design and look in general. With the new app downloaded, users can expect access to the latest NASA news, upgraded interactive experiences, mission alerts, augmented reality, and thousands of images and videos to explore.

For reference, the NASA app is available to download on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku devices, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

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