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NASA+ Free (and Ad-Free) Streaming Service Launching Later This Year


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NASA has confirmed that it will be launching a new NASA+ streaming service later this year, providing those interested in space with a variety of content to stream for free.

NASA already offers an app that can be downloaded on a variety of devices and offers access to a collection of NASA content, including images, videos on-demand, and more. However, it now looks like the app is also due to get an upgrade as well.

While the agency didn’t explicitly state when it will launch, the announcement does make clear that the NASA+ streaming service will become available “later this year,” and along with an upgrade to the NASA app.

What’s more, the NASA+ streaming service will be completely free. Not only is there no subscription cost to pay each month, but it is also an ad-free streaming service as well.

According to NASA, “the ad-free, no cost, and family-friendly streaming service, users will gain access to the agency’s Emmy Award-winning live coverage and views into NASA’s missions through collections of original video series, including a handful of new series launching with the streaming service.”

It also looks like NASA is working on expanding app support. Not only will the new NASA+ streaming service be accessible through the upgraded NASA app on Android mobile and iOS devices, but NASA has confirmed apps will be available for a variety of streaming players, including Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku.

According to NASA, the new NASA+ streaming service and upgraded app are part of a wider set of updates and improvements the agency is currently making.

NASA is elevating its digital platforms for the benefit of all by revamping its flagship and science websites, adding its first on-demand streaming service, and upgrading the NASA app.”

For those interested in getting an early look at some of those improvements, as well as staying in the loop on upcoming changes, a beta website provides an early, in-progress preview of what’s coming.

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