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GolfPass Now Offers A Free, Ad-Supported Tier


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NBC Sports Next’s GolfPass streaming service now offers a free, ad-supported tier, making it possible to watch a selection of golf-related content for free. For those wanting a richer experience, there’s still the option to sign up for a paid subscription.

For those unfamiliar with GolfPass, the streaming service officially launched back in 2019 as a partnership between NBC Sports Next and Rory McIlroy. Since launch, GolfPass has required a paid subscription, with the option to sign up on a monthly or annual basis.

Today, however, GolfPass introduced a new ad-supported membership tier that offers access to golf content without the need for a paid subscription. While an account is required to access the free content on GolfPass, it is also free to create an account. Those with an existing NBC Sports-related account may find they can sign in with those details and start watching immediately.

According to NBC Sports Next, those signing up to a free GolfPass membership will get access to the following:

  • A vast instruction library featuring more than 4,500 video titles, including Ask Rory, The Golf Fix, with host Devan Bonebrake; Lessons with a Champion Golfer; and Build a Better Game – all hosted by top instructors like Martin Hall, Debbie Doniger, and Aimee Cho, as well as golf fitness expert Don Saladino.
  • A vast library of original video content, including original shows like The Conor Moore Show, On Tour/On Course, My Roots, My Daily Routine, and more.
  • GOLF Channel’s video vault, encompassing more than 25 years of programming, including the popular Big Break reality competition series.

For those now considering signing up to a paid plan to unlock ad-free access, the standard cost of a GoldPass subscription is $4.99 per month. However, it is possible to save a little over the course of 12 months by signing up to the $49 per year annual plan.

For reference, there is also a $99 per year GolfPass+ subscription which adds even more value through additional benefits and savings, including a Peacock Premium subscription which unlocks access to the full Peacock library of content.

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