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Netflix Says It’s Time For US Subscribers To Pay For Password Sharing

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It may have taken its time, but Netflix is now in the process of rolling out its password-sharing enforcement rules to subscribers based in the United States.

While the company had already implemented its crackdown on password sharing in some locations, the United States had so far avoided the change. That’s now in the process of changing.

Netflix has begun emailing existing subscribers to let them know of the changes. The email advises that a Netflix account is for use by one household, and for those that are sharing their account, the email also advises of two options.

The first, and pretty straightforward one, is to boot the person you are sharing an account with from your account. Instead of actually booting them out altogether, the account holder can make use of Netflix’s transfer profile feature. This option allows an account holder to get a profile owner to switch their profile (including all their settings and preference) over to a new account – one that they will need to pay for.

The second option is to pay to keep sharing the account with that other person/home. This is possible through Netflix’s Buy an extra member feature and costs an additional $7.99 per moment on top of the existing cost.

Basically, if you are already paying $15.49 each month for the Standard plan, the new total (including the additional $7.99 per month extra member charge) would come to $23.48 per month.

It is worth noting that this additional member charge is per member, so if sharing with more than one person outside the household, then the account holder will need to pay $7.99 per person. Furthermore, only those signed up to the$19.99 Premium plan can add more than one additional member.

While those subscribed to the Standard plan can only add one extra member, those signed up to the Standard with ads or Basic plan cannot add any extra members at all.

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