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New DirecTV Customers Signing Up To NFL Sunday Ticket Can Get $400 Back


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DirecTV is now offering new customers the option to sign up to NFL Sunday Ticket and get $400 back. Basically, DirecTV is offering to refund the cost of a Sunday Ticket subscription to lure in new customers.

While there are plenty of Sunday Ticket deals circulating right now, this is an interesting one, considering this year is the first year that YouTube will be offering NFL Sunday Ticket instead of DirecTV.

In spite of losing Sunday Ticket, DirecTV is looking to make sure any potential new customers don’t also miss out on the NFL subscription. Starting today, new DirecTV customers who separately sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube will receive a $400 Visa reward card from DirecTV.

Considering NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube currently costs $399 (normally $449), this DirecTV deal effectively refunds the entire cost of a subscription. For those also wanting access to NFL RedZone, YouTube’s limited-time sale reduces the cost down to $439. In other words, the subscriber would end up paying $40 after receiving their $400 Visa reward card.

Of course, NFL RedZone is available to DirecTV subscribers through the DirecTV Sports Pack, so there may not be a need to pay for YouTube’s bundle. While the add-on typically costs $15 a month, DirecTV is also offering new customers the option to get three months of DirecTV Sports Pack for free when signing up.

For those wondering, this deal is only available to DirecTV customers (requires a 24-month agreement) so DirecTV Stream subscribers won’t be able to take advantage of the offer. As this is also an offer that’s redeemed after purchase, new subscribers will need to provide proof of their NFL Sunday Ticket purchase.

Another point to be aware of is that DirecTV says that Visa reward card will be issued within three bill cycles and could be split over two separate cards, so it may not be as immediate as some might like.

For those not interested in football, DirecTV is still offering the option to get a lesser value Visa reward card. Basally, anyone signing up to the Entertainment pack can get a $100 reward card, while those signing up to Choice or higher can get a $200 reward card.

According to DirecTV, all of these reward card offers are available up until October 2, 2023.

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