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Newsmax+ Costs $4.99 a Month And Replaces Free Newsmax Channel

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Newsmax has confirmed it is launching a new paid subscription service, Newsmax+. The new service goes live tomorrow (Nov. 1) and replaces the Newsmax channel that’s free to access through various streaming services and platforms.

A subscription to the new service costs $4.99 a month. There’s also the option to subscribe to a $49.99 annual plan, which results in a saving of 16% over 12 months. Regardless of whether signing up on a monthly or annual basis, all new subscribers get access to a 15-day free trial.

The new Newsmax+ service not only unlocks access to the 24/7 Newsmax channel, but it is also home to an archive of on-demand shows, including Rob Schmitt Tonight, Eric Bolling The Balance and Greg Kelly Reports.

Millions of Americans are tuning into Newsmax and we want to give them even more content they can stream at home or on their phones,” Chris Ruddy, Newsmax CEO, said of the new launch.

For those that tend to access Newsmax content through the free Newsmax channel, that is now being closed down. Newsmax says the decision to close the free channel is the result of cable agreements. As Newsmax explains “Under our new cable agreements, Newsmax is not allowed to be streamed free.”

While the new channel is being removed, Newsmax explains that it is launching a new free Newsmax2 (N2) channel. Newsmax2 provides access to the latest news and headlines and appears to be a light version of the main channel. According to Newsmax, “if you want the full Newsmax channel – with our great hosts and news correspondents, you need to subscribe” to the new subscription service.

It looks like Newsmax+ will be available to stream through the existing Newsmax app, so support will be readily available on Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, and Roku players and TVs. This is in addition to LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio TVs, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

For those that already have access to Newsmax through an existing live TV package, they will continue to have access to the same channel following the launch of the Newsmax+ subscription service.

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6 replies on “Newsmax+ Costs $4.99 a Month And Replaces Free Newsmax Channel”

I am not happy. How do I sign up for Newsmax+. Disappointing. I cannot afford some of these streaming services. I am retired. I have been a devoted watcher since Nov 4, 2020

I used to love newsmax but I don’t like the new format.I’m gonna cancel my trail as soon as it’s over . I’m very disappointed. I have been a loyal watcher for 2 years . It’s a shame newsmax has become part of the media monopoly.

I really need the sign in process on the app to be modified. It’s ridiculous to have to put in the “password” every time you navigate…..I spend more time with the configuration of the password than I do anything else…..why, once I have been identified with [removed] is that not enough? I should have chosen a two or three letter/number password instead of what I have….. better than this password process would be , because I have been identified and have paid….to make the app available with a click.

Trying to join, but won’t take my cars, have no idea wat is going on, have tried to call the number listed and can’t get thru, can I get a answer?

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