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How Much Is NFL RedZone On Fubo?


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NFL RedZone on Fubo costs $10.99 a month on top of the cost of the base plan. However, the extra $11 per month not only unlocks access to NFL RedZone, but a number of other sports channels as well.

Fubo has multiple plans for new subscribers to choose from, and the good news from a football fan perspective, is that all of Fubo’s base plans include access to NFL Network at no additional cost.

When it comes to NFL RedZone, however, the Ultimate package is the only plan that includes NFL RedZone. At $99.99 a month, Ultimate is the most expensive base plan Fubo currently offers.

If considering signing up to either the $74.99/month Pro or $84.99/month Elite plan, subscribers will need to pay an additional monthly fee for access to the Sports Plus add-on, which includes NFL RedZone.

fuboTV live guide listings$80+ a month
190+ channels
10 streams
1000-hour DVR
7-Day Free Trial

NFL RedZone with Sports Plus

The Sports Plus with NFL RedZone add-on currently costs an additional $10.99 a month. In addition to NFL RedZone, the Sports Plus add-on also unlocks access to the following sports channels:

  • ACC Network
  • B2SN
  • ESPN U
  • The Fight Network
  • GAME+
  • Horse & Country
  • IMPACT! Wrestling
  • MLB Network
  • MLB Strikezone
  • NBA TV
  • Next Level Sports
  • NFL RedZone
  • NHL Network
  • Stadium
  • Pac-12 Network
  • PickleTV
  • Racing America
  • SEC Network
  • Sportsgrid
  • Stadium 1
  • Stadium 2
  • Stadium 3
  • Tennis Channel
  • World Poker Tour
  • Zona Futbol

    Considering the cheapest Fubo plan is Pro, and costs $74.99 a month, the cheapest Fubo package with NFL RedZone works out to be $85.99 a month. If opting to bundle RedZone with the Elite plan, subscribers will pay a minimum of $95.99 a month.

    It is worth noting that most homes will actually end up paying more than these amounts each month, as Fubo now charges a regional sports fee in most areas. This additional and non-optional fee can increase the monthly cost by as much as $14. In terms of the cheapest Pro plan, potentially taking the cost up to $99.97 a month.

    Even though this is the same cost as the $99.99 Ultimate plan, which includes Sports Plus and Showtime, the RSN fee also applies to the Ultimate plan as well, pushing the monthly cost way beyond $100 a month.

    Adding NFL RedZone to fuboTV

    The Sports Plus with NFL RedZone add-on is only available as an optional extra on top of a Fubo base plan.

    Providing a home is already signed up to a base plan, subscribers can add Sports Plus with NFL RedZone to their live TV package through the Fubo website.

    How to add Sports Plus to Fubo:

    1. Visit the Fubo website
    2. Log in, if required
    3. Click on profile icon (top right corner)
    4. Click on Manage Add-Ons
    5. Scroll down to Sports Plus with NFL RedZone (under Channel Packages)
    6. Click + sign next to Sports Plus
    7. Select Update Subscription
    8. Select Yes, Update My Subscription

    After adding Sports Plus to a base plan, subscribers will immediately gain access to the additional live channels and content, including NFL RedZone.

    Subscribers will also be expected to make the first payment for the add-on at the same time. Depending on their individual billing cycle, this charge could be the full monthly amount or a pro-rated amount.

    fuboTV live guide listings$80+ a month
    190+ channels
    10 streams
    1000-hour DVR
    7-Day Free Trial
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    2 responses to “How Much Is NFL RedZone On Fubo?”

    1. I have the same question as Bob. I would only want NFL Redzone during the season(5 months) then would want to remove it from my package. We can do that at anytime after the season or once season starts we can add it. Is that easy to do on the FUBO package?

    2. Does this mean you can pay the additional 10.99 for red zone only during the nfl season then drop it so you only pay for those months the nfl plays? Basically for $60-$70/year you can have the red zone

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