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Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device (with Google TV) Details Revealed In Early Review


Onn Google TV remote shortcuts

Details surrounding Walmart’s Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device (with Google TV) have now been revealed, thanks to an early YouTube review by SUPERDELL-TV (via Android TV Guide). While the new streaming player has yet to be officially launched, or become available to buy through the Walmart website, it would appear that some stores have started selling the player.

In terms of the price, the new Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device is said to cost $49.99, which is more than double the price of the existing Onn Google TV 4K Streaming Box, and more than three times the price of the Onn Google TV HD Streaming Device. Of course, with a higher price, and marketed as a “Pro” player, the new device packs a number of notable upgrades in the hardware department.

Here are the main specs:

  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB Storage
  • Amlogic S905X4 Quad-Core Cortex-A55 CPU
  • Arm Mali-G31 GPU
  • USB 3.0
  • Wi-Fi 6

Probably most notably, the new player sees a big upgrade in RAM (up from 2GB) and a huge upgrade in storage (up from just 8GB). The Onn 4K Pro also comes with a newer Cortex-A55 CPU (compared to the 4K Streaming Box’s Cortex-A35) and also features Dolby Atmos support.

Another notable change is the inclusion of a far-field microphone. This makes it possible for users to navigate the the Onn 4K Pro’s interface and discover content without using the remote.

Based on the information made available so far, it does look like the Onn 4K Pro is a definite upgrade on the previous Onn models. In particular, it seems likely to be much faster and offer a smoother experience overall. However, $49.99 feels like a high price for an Onn device, so it might not suit everyone at this price point.

Either way, it looks like the new streaming player is about to be officially launched in the U.S. It is not uncommon for Walmart to begin selling devices in stores ahead of the proper launch, and although there are no guarantees it will be available in all stores right now, it is also not uncommon for Walmart to offer its devices online soon after they start to show up in stores.

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