Peacock Drops Live Broadcasts Of ‘Morning Joe’ and ‘Squawk Box’

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Peacock is no longer offering subscribers the option to watch live broadcasts of Morning Joe and Squawk Box. While the popular programs haven’t been entirely removed from the streaming service, subscribers will now need to tune in at a later time to watch a delayed on-demand version.

What’s interesting here is just how quickly support for the live versions has been removed. After all, Peacock only began streaming MSNBC’s Morning Joe and CNBC’s Squawk Box in early 2023, and as part of a wider investment in live news.

Less than one year later and the live versions are now gone. While it remains to be seen exactly when support ended, today’s versions were notably missing. Since then, Peacock’s help account on X (@PeacockTVCare) has been confirming the live versions of both shows are no longer available through the streaming service.

The Peacock help account also confirmed that on-demand versions will continue to be available to subscribers.

As the availability of on-demand versions are delayed, Peacock subscribers will have to wait until later to watch the most recent Morning Joe and Squawk Box episodes. According to one of the help account’s responses, “episodes of Morning Joe will become available to stream on Peacock later the same day that they’re broadcast.”

Naturally, subscribers that primarily signed up to the service to watch these morning news shows have not been taking this change well and are looking for an explanation. In one response on X, the help account explained the decision by stating “Peacock regularly rotates content to enhance our user experience.”

In a different reply, the following was offered an explanation for the removal.

As we continue to grow, we’re constantly evaluating and evolving our strategy to best serve our partners and viewers. NBCUniversal remains committed to investing in both its linear and DTC video offerings.”


As far as we can tell, this change has resulted in the entire news hub having been removed from Peacock. For example, the Morning News Live landing page is also no longer accessible and now returns an “Oops! This page doesn’t exist” message instead.

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John Finn

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6 replies on “Peacock Drops Live Broadcasts Of ‘Morning Joe’ and ‘Squawk Box’”

I have signed up for MAX under Amazon Prime which has CNN Newsroom and Pluto TV has Bloomberg Surveillance Financial, for free. I fine these to be good alternatives.

“Live” news is exactly that, LIVE! Not hours old or day old. I guess Comcast/Peacock did not make enough money from the NFL Playoff game! Thanks for now having to go look at competing streaming services to get the same “live” news shows offered by Comcast/Peacock. Gee, I wonder why we dropped our Xfinity cable!! Your competitors love it. Keep up the good work!!

As decisions on what to pay for are made, this will go down as a mark against Peacock. Honestly, Comcast needs to hire some brains.

Extremely disappointed that peacock has removed the morning hub news. I loved tuning in to watch the live 4 hour Morning Joe news every morning. I’ll have to explore other streaming services to get what I want. Goodbye Peacock!!!

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