No Peacock Student Discount, But Annual Plans Might Help

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Peacock doesn’t currently offer a student discount, but there are some options available that can help reduce the cost of a subscription. Most notably, signing up and paying for a year in advance is a good way to lower the average per-month price of a subscription. Depending on when someone signs up, an annual plan may offer students and others even greater discounts than usual.


With so many streaming services available, it is understandable that consumers will want to save as much money as they can on individual subscriptions. Paramount+ does offer a student discount on its ad-supported Essential plan. Likewise, Discovery+ also helps students reduce the cost through a dedicated discount. However, there are still plenty of streaming services that don’t offer any additional deals or discounts for students.

Peacock is one of the services that currently does not offer the option for students to sign up at a cheaper rate. Of course, that may change in time. Not to mention, the service can actually be watched for free via the Peacock website or by downloading the app on a supported device. While the free tier is more limited in terms of the available content, most other popular streaming services don’t offer a free tier at all. In spite of its limitations, the option to watch for free might be enough to remove the need for students to pay for a subscription.


An annual plan can be a good alternative

In addition to the free tier, Peacock also offers two paid plans. These are the Premium and the Premium Plus plans with the price set at $4.99 and $9.99 per month, respectively. There are differences between the two premium plans, with ads a prime example. For those that want to save even more on the cost, there is the option to sign up for a yearly plan. Doing so reduces the cost of a subscription by roughly 17%. The cost of the Premium annual plan is $49.99 per year, while the Premium Plus plan is $99.99 for the year. This essentially brings the average monthly cost down to around $4.16 for Premium and $8.33 for Premium Plus.

Of course, there are downsides with an annual plan and these should be taken into consideration before signing up. The first, and likely biggest hurdle, is the fact that a full year has to be paid for in advance. For those on a limited budget, or just looking to manage subscriptions, it may be worth paying the higher monthly rate. As an extension of this point, the consumer loses the element of control with an annual plan. For example, canceling a Peacock plan before the year is finished won’t result in the annual subscription being canceled immediately. It also won’t result in a refund for the unused time either. For those that think they might not stay subscribed for a full year, the monthly subscription will probably remain the better option.

The one exception here is during random times when Peacock offers additional discounts. In the past, Peacock has provided the option to sign up to an annual plan with as much as 50% off the usual cost. Likewise, the service sometimes offers deals on semi-annual subscriptions. These are limited-time deals, so timing is everything, but the greater discounts can make a huge difference on the cost over twelve months, and may even make it worthwhile for those that are not sure whether they’ll stay subscribed for the full year.


Peacock student discount summary

Peacock currently doesn’t offer a specific discount for students, but there are various promotions throughout the year that can help reduce the cost of a subscription. In addition, an annual plan might be a good alternative, as it reduces the cost of the Premium or Premium Plus plan by as much as 17%. Although this option will require the student to commit to a full year, it does work out to be a cheaper monthly price on average.

Of course, unlike other streaming services, Peacock does also offer the option to stream for free. For some, the free plan might actually provide enough to remove the need to pay for a subscription in the first place. However, if wanting unlimited access to all of the content that’s available through Peacock, including live sports, a paid subscription will be required. In these cases, the best option is to either sign up to an annual plan or wait for one of the limited-time Peacock promotions to go live.

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