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Peacock Student Discount: How Much You Save and How It Works


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The Peacock student discount is a great way to reduce the cost of a subscription. Annual plans can also be a good alternative to a student discount, and depending on when signing up, an annual plan may offer students even greater savings than usual.

With so many streaming services now available, it is understandable that consumers will want to save as much as they can on individual subscriptions. For students, specifically, taking advantage of eligible discounts can greatly help to save on the cost of streaming.

For example, Paramount+ offer a student discount on its ad-supported Essential plan, and Hulu also offers the option for students to save on its With Ads subscription. Likewise, YouTube offers massive savings with its student plan version of NFL Sunday Ticket.

Peacock is another of the services that currently offers a student discount. For those meeting the eligibility requirements, a student Peacock subscription costs just $1.99 a month for 12 months.

How much you save with a student Peacock plan

At $1.99 a month, the student Peacock plan offers considerable savings over the course of the year. Those paying for the student plan get access to Peacock’s Premium subscription, which typically costs $5.99 a month.

Peacock channels$5.99/$11.99 a month
80,000+ hours on demand
Live sports
3 Streams
Sign Up

As a result, students save $4 each month, which works out to be a saving of $48 over the course of the year.

Price p/m$1.99$5.99$4
12 months$23.88$71.88$48

For reference, Peacock only offers a student discount with its Premium plan. There is currently no option for students to save on the cost of the ad-free Premium Plus tier.

How the student Peacock plan works

Considering the big savings on offer with the student Peacock plan, the streaming service does require students to confirm their eligibility.

Similar to many other streaming services, Peacock makes use of a company called SheerID to verify student status. This process involves being redirected to the SheerID website and entering some personal information, including your full name, date of birth, name of school, and an email address.

Once verified, the user will then receive a promo code by email that they can then use to sign up to the Premium plan at a discounted rate.

If a new subscriber, the student will need to sign up to Peacock normally and then add the promo code in the Have a promo code? field during checkout.

If an existing subscriber, the student can use the promo code by heading to the Plans & Payments page of the Account section and entering the code in the box next to Have a promotional code?.

Here’s a summary of those instructions:

  1. Visit Peacock student discount page
  2. Click on Get Started
  3. After redirected to SheerID, enter required information
  4. Click Verify My Student Status
  5. Once verified, check for email containing single-use promo code
  6. Click Redeem Now (in the email)
  7. Create a Peacock account
  8. Enter promo code in Have a promo code? field (during checkout)

Annual plans can be a good alternative

For those that struggle with verification, or interested in an ad-free viewing experience, an annual plan is another way to save on the cost over the year.

Peacock also offers two paid subscription options, Premium and Premium Plus, with the price set at $5.99 and $11.99 a month, respectively.

Signing up for an annual plan reduces the cost of either Premium or Premium Plus by around 17%. At $59.99 a year, the Premium annual plan results in a saving of $11.89 over 12 months. At $119.99 a year, the Premium Plus annual plan offers a saving of $23.89 over 12 months.

(each year)
Premium Plus$11.99$119.99$23.89

While these prices are significantly higher than the student discount, there are times throughout the year when Peacock offers additional savings on its annual plans, and this can be where the real savings are had.

For example, on more than one occasion over the past year, Peacock has reduced its annual Premium plan down to just $20, making it even cheaper than 12 months at the discounted student rate.

While these massively discounted savings are few and far between, Peacock does also routinely offer other discounts and promotions, including 50% off the usual cost.

Of course, there are downsides with an annual plan and these should be taken into consideration before choosing which option is best for an individual student. The first, and likely biggest, downside is the fact that a full year has to be paid in advance.

For those on a limited budget, or just looking to better manage subscriptions, paying the higher monthly rate may prove more worthwhile, as subscribers lose an element of control with an annual plan.

For example, canceling a Peacock subscription before the year is finished won’t result in the annual subscription being canceled immediately. It also won’t result in a refund for the unused time.

Peacock student discount — recap

The Peacock student discount reduces the cost of a subscription down to just $1.99 a month for 12 months. At this rate, students save around $4 each month, or $48 over the course of a full year.

Students do need to prove eligibility for the student discount and this requires going through a verification process that involves handing over some personal information.

For those that struggle with verification, an annual plan can be a good alternative. Annual Peacock plans offer a 17% discount throughout the year, but there are often sales and promotions that help to reduce the cost even more.

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