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Peacock Subtitles: How to Turn Closed Captioning On or Off


Peacock subtitles

Subtitles (closed captions) on Peacock can be turned on or off directly through the app on a smart TV, streaming player, or smartphone. Generally speaking, there is no difference in how subtitles are enabled or disabled on different device types. However, the option can be difficult to find on some devices due to the lack of any closed captioning options in the settings menu of Peacock apps.

Peacock launched in 2020 and brings together popular shows and movies from the Universal and NBCUniversal vaults. Apps are available to download on multiple device types, including smart TVs and smartphones. In addition, Peacock shows, movies, and originals can also be watched on devices directly through a web browser.

As is the case with many streaming services, Peacock includes a number of accessibility options in a bid to improve the experience. Closed captioning support is a prime example, with the feature adding a text-based copy of the episode or movie’s dialogue and related audio.

Whether subtitles are needed will depend on the individual, but understanding how to turn them on or off can affect any viewer at some point.

Turn Peacock subtitles on or off

Peacock subtitles settings
Peacock subtitles settings on Google TV

There is no option to turn Peacock subtitles on or off through a smart TV app’s settings menu. Therefore, the only way to control when closed captioning is active is while watching a video.

Turn subtitles on or off: most smart TVs and players

  1. Press select or down (while watching a video)
  2. Navigate to and click on Subtitles & Audio (speech bubble icon).
  3. Click a language option next to Subtitles to turn on
  4. Alternatively, click Off to turn off

Turning subtitles on or off on a mobile device works in pretty much the same way. Again, as there’s no option to enable or disable closed captions through the smartphone app’s settings menu, subtitles do have to be controlled while watching a show episode or movie.

Turn subtitles on or off: mobile

  1. Tap on the screen (while watching a video)
  2. Tap on the speech bubble icon (top right corner)
  3. Tap a language (next to Subtitles) to turn on
  4. Alternatively, click Off to turn off

Subtitles can also be enabled or disabled on most Apple TV players by following the same general instructions while watching a video.

Turn subtitles on or off: Apple TV

  1. Click the center of the remote’s clickpad (while watching a video)
  2. Navigate to and click on the speech bubble
  3. Select a language (next to Subtitles)
  4. Alternatively, click Off to turn off

Subtitles on Peacock are disabled by default and there will be times when a viewer needs to turn them on to improve their viewing experience. However, once enabled, they will remain on until disabled again. This also applies when streaming across devices. For example, if enabled on a smart TV, subtitles will remain on when accessing Peacock on a smartphone or any other device through the same account.

In cases where a single Peacock subscription is shared between family members, there may be times when someone enables closed captioning, resulting in someone else needing to disable them again at a later time. This issue can be avoided by making use of Peacock profiles. If closed captions are enabled on one Peacock profile, the change will only apply to that profile going forward.

Issues with subtitles on Peacock

In addition to no clear option to turn subtitles on or off through the settings menu in Peacock apps, some users have encountered other issues. One is instances where subtitles do not remain on permanently. In other words, closed captioning has to be enabled each time a new video is played. This should not be happening and doesn’t appear to be an issue on all platforms and devices. For those encountering this specific issue, and in need of permanently enabling subtitles, it may be worth trying a different device.

Another common issue with Peacock’s approach to subtitles is the difficulty in adjusting the size. As there is no subtitles section in the app settings, there are also no customization options. However, subscribers can make permanent adjustments to the font color, size and more by vising the Peacock website and clicking on Customize in the Subtitle Appearance section. This section can be found by first clicking on Account and then on Settings.

Peacock subtitle settings
Subtitle settings can be adjusted through the website

Although this isn’t the most convenient solution, if the subtitles are too large or too small, it is currently the only way to make changes.

Other common issues include subtitles not remaining on the screen long enough, or sometimes not working at all. Unfortunately, there are currently no fixes for these problems. Some devices, such as Apple TV, do offer the option to universally enable captions at the system level through the device’s settings menu. While this can be a solution, and one Peacock recommends, subscriber miles will vary. This system-wide accessibility features relies on the app supporting the feature and the Peacock app might not abide by the system-level accessibility preference on all platforms.

Peacock subtitles summary

Peacock does offer the option to enable closed captioning for episodes, movies and other content available to stream through its apps. However, there is no specific subtitles section in the settings menu. Instead, subscribers are expected to turn subtitles on or off while watching a video by accessing the playback menu and clicking the speech bubble icon.

While closed captions are available through Peacock, the implementation is not perfect. Users may find that subtitles are too small, disappear too quickly, or don’t work at all. In addition, some users may also encounter an issue where they don’t remain on permanently, requiring the subtitles to be reenabled each time an episode or movie starts.

Updated December 2022

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119 responses to “Peacock Subtitles: How to Turn Closed Captioning On or Off”

  1. I can get to the English and subtitle buttons. both will not work. Both have check marks that won’t go off. I need closed captioning. have tried everything for 2 days!!

  2. On comcast remote push arrow left caption will come up select English then CC off. Worked for me!

  3. Peacock you suck !
    I should be able to turn off CC but on your [removed] system it’s not possible! I really hope you never get to broadcast the greatest spectacle in racing ever again what a joke!

  4.  Avatar

    stop wasting your time . peacock can not remove subtitles. Just watch something else. seems like a easy problem to resolve , but with thousands of complaints, they did nothing. Cruummy company. DON’T RECOMMEND.

  5. I avoid peacock entirely all because the closed caption words are on during every movie yet goes off during comercials. Its so annoying. I cannot turn the closed caption words off. I do not want them there while I’m trying to watch a show!

  6. Some people don’t hear so well and there’s other people’s who don’t process the spoken word as fast as other people do to understand comprehensively what it is they’re hearing, I am one of those people I love captioning but my issue with peacock is simply because what I see is so small that I really can’t see it there is no way to adjust the size that’s my only issue with the peacock captioning platform. I really wish they would find some way to allow their customers to change the size.

  7. If you follow the instructions and see that the “None” is already selected, rather than re-selecting “None”, select “English”. Then repeat these steps by going back to the subtitles window and select “None”. Now, subtitles should be off.

  8. Cannot get to the speech bubble no matter what I do! It goes to “more like this” movie offerings. Using an xfinity remote on a Samsung smart TV. So annoying!!

  9. Closed captioning controls poorly designed and virtually impossible to use to turn on/off. Whoever designed this is an idiot!

  10. I was able to turn it off from my laptop. Moved mouse icon to the CC box, selected Subtitles OFF. It’s working for now, hope it sticks.

  11. Thank you grandma Kathy. The left arrow key without hitting ok first. On my Xfinity remote. Hit the left arrow key(big silver one) Then the highlight appears. Hard to see at first because the first letter is an i. When you get to speech bubble then it will give you options. Very frustrating…

  12. I’ve tried removing the captions.. with no luck not happy.. no wonder it’s free.. It sucks

  13. Oh my I wish I had known this sooner, they have driven me nuts while watching movies etc, THANK YOU!!!!

  14. Anonymous 2. Avatar
    Anonymous 2.

    Trying to watch soccer. Captions are covering half the screen so I miss half the play. Captions are delayed and get all the names wrong. Can’t turn it off. Ruining the game. Didn’t want them, can’t get rid
    of them. None of the contorted suggestions we work on my TV. Notice people have been complaining for months and yet peacock does nothing. Great business model.

    1. Sorry anonymous 2, I did there directions it worked just fine. First try. Good luck

  15. Closed caption advise worked great. I turned it off w your directions.
    Thank you!!

  16. took me 10 secs to turn them subtitles off

  17. I cannot turn them on mine says off then english then spanish and press off to turn on.

  18. Thanks you Grandma Kathy! It worked.

    1. This is INSANITY!!!
      Nothing turns OFF CLOSED CAPTION.
      Therefore I will get rid of this provider.
      How idiotic to not allow an option for your demographics.

  19. Frustrated customer Avatar
    Frustrated customer

    I had to use the pause button then I could use left arrow to get to conversation icon. It already said none and English but I selected again and it got rid of the captions finally.

  20. Yeah! Grandma Kathy, it worked!

  21. I have roku remote I want to turn close caption on but I get to selecting English press ok button o. Remote while watch video and still does not work. I can’t see subtitles. Please help it’s very frustrating

  22. I am on a fire stick and cannot get to the bubble. Anyone using a fire stick. Want the cc off

  23.  Avatar

    finally got it off

  24.  Avatar

    Horrible streaming -can’t get cc off. Nothing works. I get it for free thru Xfinity, not worth free

  25.  Avatar

    The closed captioning problem is real and it sucks!

  26. Tried everything that was suggested. Very frustrating. If I wasn’t a wrestling fan I wouldn’t use Peacock ever again. Worst app

  27. Even Grandma’s tip didn’t help. I won’t watch Peacock until they fix it.

  28. Why did the closed captioning just stop showing up … all by itself? I did nothing and it is gone…at last. Now my parents cannot get rid of it and xfinity did not know what I was talking about.

  29. Started using Peacock and at first there was closed captioning that was very annoying. After about a month, it just stopped. Now my parents are using Peacock and we cannot get the closed captioning off the screen. Xfinity says they have not heard of such a problem with Peacock.

  30. I’m so very grateful for your information on how to turn off the captioning on Peacock!!! It drove me crazy! I finally did a search for information on “How to”, found your site, and Walla! I’m now caption free! Thank you!!

    1. I also did a search. Using my Xfinity plan, with their remote, I followed the Peacock steps to disable closed captioning. I see the closed caption bubble, however the remote is never able to get me there. What is your secret?

  31. This is the worst

  32.  Avatar

    Same issue with closed captioning I hate it but no way to turn off

  33. Grandma Kathy Avatar
    Grandma Kathy

    I’m 69 and have Xfinity. If you’re reading this, you share my frustration. But…I frick’n got it!!! You have to be in movie to change after ALL the commercials. Press left arrow on remote. The middle (“) below the picture will be highlighted in yellow. As you arrow left the highlight will follow you. Highlight the square and you will see English, None and Subtitles. The None on mine was highlighted. I just pressed my middle button or my select button on remote to select and “Frick’n A” THEY’RE OFF. Signed, A HAPPY GRANDMA

    1.  Avatar

      Thank you Grandma Kathy, It Worked Yeah!!!

    2. Thanks I got it to work also.

    3. I spent a half hour last night trying to turn them off with my remote. Nothing worked!! I downloaded the peacock app on my phone and was able to tap on the bubble thing and then tap on subtitles ‘none’. That worked. So I just checked the TV, and no subtitles!!! So, guess what I’m watching tonight?!?! It shouldn’t be that difficult. Just wanted to enjoy my show. Major kudos to you Grandma for figuring it out!! Now let’s enjoy some Dr Death!!! 😁

    4.  Avatar

      Omg! You’re the greatest grandma Kathy! It actually worked!!

    5. Yay Grandma Kathy! Thank you SO much!!!

    6.  Avatar

      Thank you grandma Kathy. This grandma Kathy understood your direction just find. Peacocks directions didn’t do it they were confusing.

    7.  Avatar

      Thank you Grandma Kathy! I was one of the many that was so wicked frustrated, but got to your message and it worked. This was just awful.

    8. Thank you for the tip, it finally worked!

    9.  Avatar

      Thank you!!!

    10. Thank you! Worked perfectly!

    11. Thank you so much Grandma! Finally a fix! This has been driving me nuts

    12.  Avatar

      Thank you so much!

    13.  Avatar

      Yaaaaay thank you finally got it

    14. You are the best!!! Thanks!

    15. Grandma Margie Avatar
      Grandma Margie

      It works, Grandma Kathy!!! Thank YOU! ….from Grandma Margie.

    16.  Avatar

      Thank you! It worked!

    17.  Avatar

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    18. I’m a 69 year old Grandmother too and fixed it. But Peacock does suck. Subtitles shouldn’t be ON to begin with.

    19. Thank you, that worked!!

    20. Got it!!! Finally! Thank you!!!

    21. Thanks so much! From one Grandma to another … your directions were the ones that did it!!

    22. WOW it worked…from one grandma to another…THANKS!!!

    23. It works Grandma Kathy!

      Thanks! Grandma Annie

  34.  Avatar

    How do you get to speech bubble?

  35. I am also having trouble turning off close caption , the instructions do not work, can’t get to “bubble ” to turn it off.
    Let me know when you fix this problem, then I will go back and watch your app, until then I will not recommend this app to anyone

  36. I can’t turn them off. Sick of it. So irritating.

  37. How can peacock disgruntled so many people without fixing the closed caption issue? No other channel has ever been this derelict!

    1.  Avatar

      Untucking believable. Hate hate them. Nothin works

  38. Using the Xfinity remote to access Peacock on my TV. I can hit select, but then hitting left does nothing. Can’t get to a speech bubble. Subtitles just came on by themself a few weeks ago. Now no way to turn it off. Ugh.

    1. I was having the same issue. It seems that when you press the down arrow you then have to push the up arrow and then the left arrow to get to the speech bubble.

      1.  Avatar

        Thank you! I finally got to the menu selections and turned off captioning, but then I couldn’t get rid of the menu.

        1. I do not have a smart TV. I have Comcast. Can’t stop sub tittles. Oh well.

      2. Make sure when you get to the bubble to select ‘none’

      3. Yes! Finally! Thanks

      4. That worked! Thank you!

      5. Yes that works for xfinity,you have to get to the pause icon then left,left past the rewind arrow

  39. I can’t even get to the speech bubble. Very distracting to watch. Peacock needs to improve.

    1. I have the same problem that I have read about. Can’t get to the speech bubble to turn off captions. If caption on is a default setting then it is very frustrating. I would think more people would want them off than on.
      This should be a simple thing to fix

    2. Either can I. What to do next? I can not get anywhere by trying to use my remote to go left to “speech bubble,’ whatever that is?

  40. Turn on Spanish captioning and wait a minute. Then turn on English captioning and wait a minute. THEN when you’ve done that, go to none and it will turn them off.

    1. Where do you turn on Spanish captioning

    2.  Avatar

      Thanks it worked

    3. There is no way to turn on Spanish captioning in the first place, Peacock is the worst app ever

    4. Holy cow! That worked – thanks!! I didn’t watch peacock because of the blasted subtitles. Not a good set-up to rely on customers to follow this process…

    5. I can’t get subtitles on . I have tried everything I get to selecting language English I press ok and nothing happens pls help! I do it while video is playing

    6. I cant get close caption to come on at all.

      1. I have tried to follow instructions numerous times but cannot get to the closed captioning at all. I have hearing problems and this is very frustrating.

  41. Anonymous Avatar

    I am not able to turn off as well. Won’t let you scroll to the speech bubble. Very frustrating!!!!

    1.  Avatar

      It won’t let me get to the speech bubble either and I’m not happy about it. It was automatically on and I can’t get it turned off no matter what I do. Very annoying!!

      1. Anonymous 115 Avatar
        Anonymous 115

        It won’t let me scroll to the speech bubble. This is crap. I’ve tried many times over the last hour. I got so frustrated I stopped watching Peacock.

      2.  Avatar

        Exactly!!!! I want them off

    2.  Avatar

      Yup no way to turn off closed caption I tried , ugg

      1. Five minutes in And I hate peacock already.
        No way to turn off close caption may have to cancel

  42.  Avatar

    Getting closed caption on Phillies game and cannot turn off. Peacock is horrible!

    1. We can’t turn them off either. Followed the steps and it says they’re off. They’re not. So annoying.

      1.  Avatar

        Turning the closed caption feature on Peacock does not work no matters what I do, I have tried everything. Very aggravating !! Peacock needs to fix this issue otherwise your going to lose a lot of viewers. Completely annoying

        1.  Avatar

          I totally agree

          1. Yes!! Thank you!!

        2. It work for me all I did what’s while watching the basketball game I click the select button on my remote I click the down arrow and to the right there’s a tiny little button that I clicked on it and it showed English or none so I chose none and puff it was gone

          1. I followed your instructions and it works! Thank you

          2. I just followed your instructions and it works. No closed caption

          3. Thanks Larry!!! You the bomb!

          4. Thank you, finally got my cc on

          5. Where is select button?

          6. where is the select button on the remote,please?

          7. Thank you, it worked!!

          8. OMG!! Thank you!!

          9. Umm what if I don’t have a select button just an ok button! What to do? Please help.

          10.  Avatar

            If you have the Xfinity remote, press the speaker control and say, “Turn off closed caption”.

          11. Thank you! That worked!

        3. I also did every step and couldn’t get cc to appear. Went back and forth with these steps for about 15 minutes. Finally gave up and resumed my movie. All of a sudden, my closed captioning appeared! It took a good half hour for this to happen. I always have had no probs getting cc on Netflix, etc and I’m on a Roku tv. Patience seemed to work, or a miracle. Lol

          1. My tv doesn’t show an option for “none” only English?

        4. Peacock is the worst streaming option. It takes forever to load and the closed captioning issues are horrendous

        5. I have tried everything to turn on closed caption on Peacock. Perhaps it’s because I’m using a Roku? The bubble says they are off and no matter what I do I cannot get it to change to “on”. Very annoying.

        6. Can’t get caption on!

        7. Agree!!

        8. Agree

    2. It sucks!!! Can’t turn it off

      1. Agree, can’t turn off Peacock’s closed captioning, they suck

      2. Cannot turn closed caption off. If this continues will not be watching anything onPeacock.

    3. Last time I try peacock subtitles won’t go off Well no big deal there’s lots of other channels lots of other stations to look at

    4. Anonymous 2 Avatar
      Anonymous 2

      I agree Phillies on peacock stinks!! Can’t get rid of subtitles and talking to the players while they are trying to field is distracting.

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