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Philo Experiencing Issues With ID, TLC, And Other Discovery-Owned Channels


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For any Philo subscribers that are encountering an issue when watching ID, TLC, or another Discovery-owned channel, or recorded content from one of these channels, Philo is aware of the problem and a fix is actively being worked on.

Due to the very nature of streaming, it is not uncommon for subscribers to streaming services to occasionally run into performance issues. Problems can also often be more prevalent when dealing with live feeds.

Over the past week, Philo has been dealing with a technical issue related to the live feed of a number of Discovery-owned channels. Due to the problem, subscribers may encounter frozen frames, video distortion, and other degraded performance-related issues.

According to Philo, the problem is at the video source, so this isn’t something that Philo itself can fix. However, the company has confirmed that Discovery is actively working on a solution.

The full list of channels affected by this degraded performance issue are as follows:

  • Discovery Family
  • Discovery Life
  • Investigation Discovery
  • Motortrend
  • OWN
  • Science Channel
  • TLC

As the issue affects the live feed, it also has the potential to impact recordings made from any of these channels. While some subscribers may just encounter playback issues when watching a recorded program, others might find that some recordings have disappeared completely.

This disappearance of recorded videos is intentional, with Philo confirming it automatically removes any recordings that are determined to be too heavily corrupted.

Considering this issue has been in effect since September 15, and a fix is still being actively worked on, it doesn’t look like there’s much Philo subscribers can do in the meantime to improve the streaming experience of these Discovery-owned channels.

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