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Philo: How To Update Account Payment Information

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Philo subscribers can easily make changes to their account including updating payment information through the settings menu. As to be expected, there are some limitations, including how the subscription was originally created and which devices can actually be used to make account changes like this. However, making sure payment information is up to date will help to ensure live TV access is not suddenly lost.

Philo is one of the more affordable options for streaming live TV channels over the internet. Compared to the other major live TV streaming services, Philo is a little more limited in the channel selection, but this is reflected in the overall lower price subscribers pay each month. In spite of the low cost, the actual experience and user interface is pretty good and uniform across devices, making it easy for a subscriber to make account changes when needed.

There can be many reasons why a consumer needs to change their payment details, but the obvious one is adding a replacement/alternate credit or debit card for one that’s lost, stolen, or simply expired. If Philo is not made aware of any changes to a billing method before the next payment is due, the service may not be able to collect the payment and this could result in the subscriber losing access to live TV, on-demand videos and their recordings.

The good news is that the process of updating Philo payment information is pretty simple and can be done by following the instructions below.

  1. Visit the Philo website
  2. Click on the profile icon (top right corner)
  3. Click on the ‘Account’ tab
  4. Scroll down
  5. Click on “Enter New Payment Info”
  6. Add the new payment option
  7. Click “Change Payment” to confirm.

Philo currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards along with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express debit cards. As long as the subscriber is attempting to add one of these cards, there should be no major issues.

Device and third-party billing limitations

It is worth noting that account details including payment information cannot be changed through the live TV service’s apps. In other words, on supported devices like smart TVs, streaming players and mobile devices. Due to this, subscribers looking to update their payment method, or make major account changes in general, will need to head to the Philo website through a web browser on a PC, laptop or mobile device.

Third-party billing services is another issue that subscribers might run into when attempting to make changes to an account. For example, if a Philo subscription was set up through Amazon, Apple or Roku, then the subscriber probably won’t be able to use the method above to make changes to their payment information. Instead, these users will need to update their payment details through the third-party billing service. For example, if subscribed on a Roku player using Roku Pay, then the subscriber will need to visit the Roku website, log in to their account, and navigate to the payment section. Once there they should be able to make any changes to their subscription including updating or changing the payment method.

Again, this will also be the case if the subscription was started on a Fire TV device through Amazon or on an iOS device through Apple. If a subscriber is unsure of which service collects their payment each month, they can follow the instructions above to visit the account section of their Philo account and check which billing service is listed under the “Payment” section. Once checked, simply head over to the right billing website and log in to make any payment changes to the Philo subscription.

Updating Philo payment summary

Philo subscribers can easily update their payment information through the “Account” section of the Philo website. While a subscription can be started on many devices including smart TVs, streaming players and mobile devices, major changes to an account such as payment information can only be done through the Philo website.

Besides the device limitation, subscribers will also need to make sure that they are updating the correct billing service. If a Philo subscription was started using a third-party service like Amazon, Apple or Roku, they will need to make payment changes through the third-party service, and not directly through Philo.

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