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Philo Subscribers Still Have Access To AXS TV and HDNet Movies — For Now


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Philo subscribers can continue watching AXS TV and HDNet Movies for the time being. While the two channels were expected to be removed earlier this week, they have remained available, and will remain available while negotiations continue.

It became clear last month that Philo had entered into a carriage dispute over the two channels. This ultimately led to the confirmation that AXS TV and HDNet Movies were due to be removed from Philo’s lineup on July 31st. However, they are still available as of today, August 2nd.

According to an update from Philo, the company is “continuing to work with AXS TV and HDNet Movies on an agreement to keep the channels,” and while these negotiations continue, subscribers will retain access to both channels.

Although good news in itself, it should be noted that this is not a guarantee that the channels will continue to remain available indefinitely. While some negotiations result in a blackout, it is not uncommon for a temporary extension to be agreed while negotiations continue.

The important point to note here, is that until a final outcome is known, it remains unclear whether AXS TV and HDNet Movies will continue to be permanently available on Philo, or whether they will be removed from the channel lineup as previously expected.

Both of these networks are owned and operated by Anthem Sports & Entertainment, so any deal that is or isn’t done will almost certainly apply equally to both AXS TV and HDNet Movies.

As a reminder, AXS TV is the only channel that’s automatically available to all Philo subscribers as part of their base package. Access to HDNet Movies requires the bundling of the Movies & More add-on, which costs an additional $3 a month on top of the cost of the base plan.

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