PS5 Owners Can Now Get Apple TV+ For Free For Six Months

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PlayStation 5 owners now have the option of signing up to Apple TV+ and watching for free for six months. The new promotion could be a good way to test out the service over a longer period before deciding whether it is worth paying the monthly cost for. If nothing else, it is a free six-month subscription that opens up access to more movies and shows.


Sony’s PlayStation 5 has not only encountered stock issues over the past few months, but also video support problems. Although the game console launched with support for some popular subscription services, video app support in general remains an issue, and especially in terms of live TV service support, considering only Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV are currently available on the game console.

Apple TV+, however, has not suffered from these issues as the subscription service has been available on Sony’s PS5 since launch day. Now, the two have partnered up to offer PlayStation 5 owners a six-month extended free trial. Considering the standard Apple TV+ free trial is just seven days, this is a significantly longer evaluation period than is usually available.


Other than having access to a PS5, an Apple ID, and a PlayStation Network account, there’s not much else that needs to be done to take advantage of the offer. PlayStation 5 users just need to download the Apple TV app through the ‘All Apps’ section, open the app and sign up by following the on-screen instructions. PS5 owners have until July 22nd, 2022, to take advantage of the promotion, meaning those planning on picking up a PlayStation 5 soon will also be able to take up the offer as well.

There are some usual caveats with the deal. Firstly, it is only available to PlayStation 5 owners, and not PS4 or PS3 owners. Secondly, once the free trial is over, the subscription will automatically convert to a paid plan, so users will need to make sure they cancel before the six months are up to avoid being automatically billed. For reference, the promotion is not only available to new Apple TV+ subscribers, but existing ones as well. The only exception here is those who have access to Apple TV+ through a bundled Apple One plan.

For those currently without a PlayStation 5 and no plans on buying one soon, Target is currently offering Circle members a four-month free trial. While not as long as the deal on offer to PS5 owners, the Target Circle Rewards program doesn’t require a purchase and is free to join.


Source: Sony

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