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Roku Starts 2023 With More Than 70 Million Active Accounts

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Roku 70 million active accounts

Roku‘s 2023 is off to a good start with more than 70 million active accounts. The latest active account update highlights Roku’s continued ability to not only maintain users, but also increase the number overall. Over the last couple of years, specifically, the number of active Roku accounts has grown significantly, as has the total number of hours streamed each quarter and year.

Roku ended 2022 and entered 2021 with a little over 50 million active accounts. By the start of 2022, the number of Roku active accounts had grown to more than 60 million. Throughout 2022 the company continued to add more users with the number climbing to 65.4 Million in the third quarter, after climbing to more than 63 million in Q2, and more than 61 million in Q1, 2022.

Now that the fourth quarter of 2022 has also closed, Roku has confirmed that it ended the year with more than 70 million active accounts globally, an increase of almost 10 million compared to the year before, and almost 5 million compared to the fourth quarter alone. The announcement does make clear that the number of active accounts is based on preliminary estimated data, with firm financial results for the fourth quarter and 2022 as a whole due to be released next month.

In addition to the increase in the number of active accounts, Roku also said that the number of streaming hours in the fourth quarter totaled 23.9 billion, helping the overall number of streaming hours in 2022 to increase to 87.4 billion. According to Roku, that’s a 19% year-over-year increase.

The latest streaming metrics from Roku come just one day after the company announced its new Select and Plus series Roku TVs. While other TVs already come running on Roku OS, these new lineups are the first to be designed, made, and branded as Roku TVs. The Roku Select and Plus lines are due to go on sale later this year, and with the price ranging between $119 and $999, Roku will be hoping that they help to add even more active accounts in 2023 and beyond.

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