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Roku Adds Option To Remove Recommended Rows From Home Screen


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It looks like Roku has now added the ability to remove recommended rows from the Home screen. A number of users have reported the change today, suggesting the new option to hide the Browse and Categories rows is currently in the process of becoming widely available.

While recommendations are a common feature on TV operating systems, and can actually be a useful way to discover new content to watch, not everyone wants to see recommendations, or so many of them on their home screen.

Roku users are no different in this respect, and for those that don’t like recommended content, the situation was made all the worse in October when Roku introduced new recommendation rows. Again, while useful to some, there was no option to disable the rows for those that didn’t want to see the additional channel and program recommendations.

Two months on and users are now in the process of gaining an option to remove these recommended rows. To remove them, simply head to Settings > Home Screen > Recommendation rows and then select Hide. The user should then find that both the Browse and Categories rows are hidden from view.

For those with multiple Roku devices in use in the home, they will likely need to repeat this process on each device, if they want to ensure the recommendation rows are removed on all of their Roku devices.

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