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Roku TV Users Unable To Access Antenna (OTA) Channels, And Roku Is Aware Of The Issue


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Roku users are struggling to access antenna (over-the-air) channels today, and Roku is aware of the problem. At the moment, it currently remains unknown how long the issue will take to be fixed.

Over the past couple of hours, the number of Rokus users reporting the problem have grown considerably. All that seems to be known right now is that local channels scanned by Roku TVs are no longer showing up in the guide.

While Roku channels, apps that can be installed on a Roku player or TV, do sometimes mysteriously disappear, this is very different, as the issue relates to actual channels. Without them showing up in the guide, users are effectively unable to access them.

Roku is aware of the issue and has been responding to a number of user complaints on social media. According to Roku, it is “aware of the issue, and our engineering team has been investigating this issue closely,”

While Roku is aware of the issue, the responses from the company do not appear to provide any suggestion that a fix is coming soon.

For what it is worth, some users have suggested that it is possible to get the channels to resurface in the live guide again by disabling streaming channels.

While not an ideal solution, the workaround may help some that need access to their local channels right now.

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2 responses to “Roku TV Users Unable To Access Antenna (OTA) Channels, And Roku Is Aware Of The Issue”

  1. Also lost OTA’s on my non-smart tv. Use Roku Sling app and Sling airplay player with an antenna for local channels. Can see them on my Sling phone app only. Lost ability to watch OTA channels on my tv with Roku, they don’t show up on my Sling guide.

  2. last 24+ hrs. can only rec partial OTA channels. missing Wichita ks channel 10-1, 8-4, 17-4 I have rescanned to no avail. It is better now than it was when problem started yesterday.. all non smart tv (3) have no problem with OTA tv. Just the (2) smart roku tv are have issues with OTA .. Roku steaming seems to be working fine.

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