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Some 2024 Sharp Smart TVs Will Be Powered By TiVo


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Sharp is set to start offering smart TVs powered by TiVo OS next year. While TiVo might not be as well-known in the modern TV and streaming operating system era, it is a brand many closely associate with TV in general.

With the shift to streaming over the past few years, TiVo has had to make its own adjustments. One of the biggest was the release of its very own streaming player back in 2020, the TiVo Stream 4K.

More recently, TiVo has been looking to expand its TV platform footprint in general. Earlier this year, for example, it was confirmed that the first smart TVs powered by TiVo would be released this year, and under the Vestel, Daewoo, Regal, Hitachi, Telefunken and JVC brands.

Today, TiVo confirmed that it has also now stuck a deal with Sharp which will see the company release a number of smart TVs powered by TiVo OS. According to the details, the first of these Sharp TiVo TVs will begin shipping in 2024, starting in Europe.

We chose TiVo’s OS not only because of the superior product but also because we wanted to offer a user experience of Sharp quality elements with more variety and freedom,” said Nick Chen, Head of Europe, Vice President of TV-System business unit, Sharp Corporation. “We are excited to give users significantly more control on how to discover and consume content across live TV, news, sports, movies and more.”

TiVo isn’t only looking at the third-party TV market to expand its platform ecosystem. The company also recently struck a deal with BMW, which will see its Powered by TiVo platform underwriting in-vehicle access to news, movies, and media libraries in BMV vehicles in select countries.

For reference, Xperi, the company that now owns TiVo, released its latest quarterly results today. One of the highlights mentioned in the report is that the company has “signed a third Smart TV OEM to integrate the TiVo Operating System into their TV lineup in 2024.”

Unfortunately, Xperi doesn’t mention exactly who that third OEM is.

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