TiVo To Provide BMW Cars With Linear And On-Demand Streaming Services

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TiVo might not be as prevalent in homes as it once was, but it could soon be coming to a car near you. Xperi has confirmed that BMW has selected TiVo’s video media platform to provide customers with access to video content providers, including linear and on demand streaming services.


In addition to the home version of TiVo that some will be familiar with, the company also runs a TiVo for Business unit that caters to companies and businesses looking for complete solutions that can be customized to their individual needs.

It is this side of the business that has now struck a deal with BMV to provide its Powered by TiVo platform to BMV vehicles in select countries. The platform will open up in-vehicle access to news, movies, and media libraries from various country-specific streaming services.


According to the details, the video media platform will begin rolling out via an over-the-air update to the all-new BMW 5 series in initial launch countries. This is expected to begin by the end of 2023 before then rolling out to other models as well.

On explaining the difference offered by the Powered by TiVo platform, Xperi CEO, Jon Kirchner said, “Unlike existing platforms, the Powered by TiVo platform traverses entertainment mediums and gives OEMs significantly more control over the user experience.”

From BMW’s side of things, Ingo Lasslop, vice president product management for digital products and services at BMW Group said, “This collaboration with Xperi will allow us to deliver a world-class entertainment offering to our customers and transforms their time spent in the vehicle even more into a captivating and enjoyable experience.”


Back in August of last year, Xperi officially launched TiVo OS, and in doing so, confirmed the first smart TVs Powered by TiVo were on route to Europe. The very first of those TVs are coming from Vestel and were originally scheduled to being shipping as early as spring, 2023, which could mean they hit the market any day now.

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