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Sign Up To DirecTV Stream On Fire TV and Get a Free $50 Amazon Gift Card

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If you’re considering giving DirecTV Stream a try, you can currently get a free $50 Amazon gift card by signing up on a Fire TV device.

While DirecTV Stream is only one of many live TV services that can be installed on a Fire TV device, it did get a fairly big support update recently. The update made it easier to access DirecTV’s live TV streaming service directly from the Home screen.

Now, Amazon and DirecTV have teamed up to offer a new promotion to new subscribers. Essentially, those that download the DirecTV app and sign up to DirecTV Stream on a Fire TV device (and remain subscribed for at least one month) are being offered a $50 Amazon gift card.

Amazon has linked this offer to the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. The tournament officially kicked of today (July 20) and continues through until August 20. As a result, the promotion is also live now (started on July 17) and is due to remain available up until August 20.

Interestingly, the Women’s World Cup is being broadcast on Fox (as Amazon’s blog post points out) and DirecTV is currently locked in a dispute with Nexstar. The problem here is Nexstar owns a number of Fox stations in the United States.

Due to this dispute, some homes may find that they can’t actually watch the Women’s World Cup through DirecTV Stream, if they’re local Fox station is owned and operated by Nexstar.

Of course if you do live in an area where Fox is still available through DirecTV Stream, have been considering signing up to this live TV service, and have access to a Fire TV device, then a free $50 Amazon gift card isn’t a bad deal.

For reference, DirecTV Stream plans range in price between $75 and $155 per month, depending on the channel lineup. Entertainment is the cheapest package overall, offering access to more than 75 live TV channels for $75 a month.

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