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Sling Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Free DVR Service


Sling freestream app advertising DVR

Sling has now officially added a DVR to Sling Freestream, announcing the change as “a first-of-its-kind, free DVR service.” Considering the 10-hour DVR started to become available for new users last week, today’s launch confirms that all Freestream users will eventually gain the ability to DVR content.

Freestream is a completely free streaming service and this is why Sling is now claiming “an industry first for FAST services.” While there are plenty of free streaming services to choose from, none really offer the option of a DVR.

As we noted last week, Sling has now confirmed that all new Freestream users will immediately gain access to the free DVR when creating their account. While existing users will also gain access, DVR support is rolling out very slowly. According to Sling, “the new feature will be fully rolled out to all existing Freestream users within the next several months.”

We are giving our customers exactly what they are asking for. The new DVR feature for Sling Freestream is going to give subscribers even more choice and access. They can watch their favorite programming on their terms, when it works for them,” said Gary Schanman, executive vice president and group president, DISH Video Services. “Our goal is to continue to lead the industry with innovative ways to provide more in the FAST space, making sure our customers have access to a premium experience as well as an unparalleled amount of free live sports, news and entertainment.”

As a reminder, the free DVR is only available to those that actually create an account. In other words, Freestream users who opt to watch without signing in won’t be able to take advantage of the free storage space.

Other benefits of creating a Freestream account include access to a watchlist and the ability to continue watching, as well as set parental controls and favorite channels.

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