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Sling Teases The Idea Of A Freestream DVR


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Sling has teased the idea of offering DVR support for its Sling Freestream service. While Sling’s main live TV packages cost a monthly fee, Freestream is a completely free streaming service.

With Freestream being a free streaming service, it does come with some limitations. For example, the live channels are more curated and themed than the traditional live TV channels included with its paid plans. Likewise, users either watch content live or on demand, with no option to record movies, shows, or additional programming.

That could be set to change in the future. As noted by a Reddit user, Sling recently sent out surveys to users to get feedback on features and changes currently under consideration. One of which was the addition of a ‘Freestream DVR.’

According to the survey, this Freestream DVR would offer users 10 hours of cloud space for recordings. The DVR would also include the ability to fast forward through the ads. The survey further teased the idea of also offering a DVR Plus upgrade. This upgrade would match the DVR Plus add-on Sling offers paid subscribers, unlocking access to 200 recording hours for $5 a month.

The addition of a DVR to Sling’s free service could be a really interesting move. While the suggested number of free hours is limited to just ten, it would still provide users with a way to record shows and movies, something which is largely missing from free streaming services in general.

Of course, there is no guarantee that Sling will add a DVR to Freestream in the future. As the survey is simply a way for Sling to get feedback on possible changes, the availability to record Freestream programming could depend on the feedback Sling gets in the days and weeks ahead.

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