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5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Give Sling TV a Try

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Updated: February 16th, 2020 at 08:24 pm

Is Sling TV any good? Is Sling TV worth getting? Is Sling better than cable? These are just some of the main questions consumers will want answers to before giving Sling TV a try. In this guide, we’ll look to answer as many of those questions and as best as we can by highlighting the 5 best reasons to try Sling TV.


First off, here’s some background: Sling TV is one of the oldest live TV streaming services around. The service first launched in early 2015 and since then has built up a reliable and vast subscriber base. In fact, Sling TV is one of the most popular live TV streaming services in the U.S. with well over 2 million customers. Therefore, the short answer to the question of whether Sling TV is any good is that more than 2 million people seem to think so.

Of course, knowing Sling TV is good is not the same as understanding why Sling TV is good and that’s what we aim to provide more clarity on here.


In a nutshell, here are the 5 best reasons to choose Sling TV:

  1. Price
  2. Choice
  3. Device support
  4. Rentals
  5. Free content

Reason 1: The price is real low compared

Arguably, what is the very best reason to go with Sling TV is the price. Sling has always positioned itself as a price-friendly service and that philosophy is still in effect today. Sling TV mainly offers two plans (see plans) and both of them are priced at $30 per month – although you can subscribe to the best of both plans for $45 per month.

Sling Blue channels
In spite of the low price, Sling TV offers a good selection of channels

While the number and selection of channels vary across the two main plans, Sling TV has priced them identically leaving the choice in your hands. In other words, you’re not paying more than someone else just because the Sling Blue lineup happens to suit you more than Sling Orange.

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Yes, Sling TV has been the subject of price rises, but all of the live TV services have. And yes, you can actually find some live TV streaming services that are even cheaper than Sling TV, but with the lesser price comes a lesser experience. All things considered, Sling TV offers exceptional value

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Reason 2: A true a la carte service

One of the ways Sling TV is able to offer lower prices is by giving you less to begin with. Whether that be less channels, less features, or less everything in general.

While that is a negative for some, for others it is going to be a major selling point over other live TV services. The reason for this is Sling doesn’t just give you less and leave it there. Instead, it gives you less but with the choice to add more if you want to. To put the level of choice into perspective, Sling TV offers more than 30 different options to create a tailor-made package.

Sling add-ons
Plenty of customization on offer with Sling TV

Most other live TV streaming services try to bundle as much as they can at one price. While that approach will suit those who want more (and are willing to pay more), Sling TV’s stripped-down approach is great for everyone as you can choose a package to suit your exact needs and only pay for what’s included.

Reason 3: All the device support you could need

Sling TV has been around for a real long time and one of the benefits of this older age is the time needed to properly build out its device support, and it has.

Although device support sounds like a boring reason to choose a service considering it’s not something you tangible get, the difference here is that it saves on headaches later on. Even if a service supports the device you are currently using, if you change that device in the future or suddenly need to access live TV on a different device, then that’s when the wide device support pays dividends.

Sling TV supports just about every device you are likely to need – with the exception of Sony PlayStation consoles.

Sling devices you can stream on
Sling TV offers a wide selection of devices to stream with

While most of the other live TV streaming services also offer decent support, that might not always be the case. Just look at AT&T TV NOW. AT&T’s live TV streaming service cannot currently be installed on either Android TV or Roku devices and that affects a lot of users. It was previously, but for various reasons AT&T pulled support for both platforms.

Issues like this are unlikely to affect Sling TV subscribers as although Dish (Sling’s parent company) would prefer you to buy and use an AirTV (also owned by Dish) device, Sling is happy for you to access the service on any device you want. That’s unlikely to change anytime soon.


Reason 4: Can’t find what to watch? Rent something

Pretty much every live TV streaming service provides access to on demand content and that’s great. If there’s nothing live that you want to watch then you have the option of choosing from some of the back catalog. Sling TV offers this as well. However, on top of the live TV, and on demand content, Sling also now offers rentals within the Sling TV ecosystem.

Sling movie rentals
Integrated interface lets you rent movies through Sling TV

Some might not see this as a massively beneficial feature considering there’s plenty of other apps on a device that users can rent from. However, having this embedded within the same interface makes for a simpler and smoother user experience. You don’t have to switch between apps continuously, and if you don’t find anything to rent then you’re still within the same interface and ready to go through the live TV guide again.

Reason 5: You don’t actually need a live TV subscription

If you want the best experience available through Sling TV then you will need to sign up and pay for a live TV subscription. However, that’s not your only choice as Sling TV allows consumers to watch a selection of TV shows for free. What’s more, they are literally free as you don’t even need to create an account to start watching.

Sling free movies
Sling TV has plenty of free content to choose from.

Although, there are additional benefits to creating a free Sling TV account. Besides access to the same free content, account users can also take advantage of the rentals and pay-per-view events. The experience can be enriched even further thanks to the option to subscribe to select channels and just pay for those channels – without a base subscription.

For example, if you only really care about watching Hallmark movies then you can just subscribe and pay for Hallmark Movies Now with no strings attached. This is about as true cord cutting as you can get.

The bottom line

When it comes to Sling TV the overriding point, and main takeaway is choice. Whether we’re talking about the price, the channels, rentals, or even when it comes to having a paid live TV subscription, Sling is a service that lets the user choose. That’s a significant reason to go with Sling as while you might not get as much as you would from another service, the control is completely in your hands and adaptable by the click of a button.

Sling TV is not only one of the original cord cutting live TV services, but when it comes to the major options, it is arguably the only service that’s actually designed for cord cutters.

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