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A Fox News and Fox Sports Technical Issue On Sling TV Has Been Fixed


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Sling TV subscribers noticed that they lost access to Fox News and/or Fox Sports 1 today. It would seem that the problem was the result of a glitch and has since been fixed.

In general, it is not unusual for live TV subscribers to lose access to a channel. In most cases, lost channels are the result of a carriage dispute. Occasionally, however, channels go missing for other reasons, including technical issues.

That appears to be what happened today for Sling TV subscribers that have lost access to Fox News and FS1. A number of user reports came through this morning confirming that the channels had completely disappeared. Not only were they unavailable to watch live, but they had effectively vanished from the live guide.

At the time, Sling confirmed that it was aware of the issue and that it was working on a fix. In reply to a Tweet asking whether Fox News had been dropped, Sling’s Twitter handle confirmed that “Fox News is still available on Sling TV” and that the service “recently encountered a minor glitch.”

Since then, Sling has sent out additional updates to confirm that the problem was the result of a “technical issue” and that it had been resolved, as of 10:15 am MT.

Late month, Sling encountered an outage issue with NewsNation causing the channel to display a “we’re having technical issues” message on the screen. The issue was eventually fixed, although it did result in subscribers losing access to the channel for more than a week.

In comparison, this latest Fox News and Fox Sports problem appears to have been more of a minor issue, especially considering how quickly access was restored.

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