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Sling TV Subscribers Now Have Access To NewsNation Again


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Sling TV subscribers now have access to NewsNation again, ending a technical issue which started late last week. It still remains unclear what exactly happened, but Sling TV has confirmed that the issue is now resolved.

Late last week, Sling TV subscribers started noticing that they had lost access to the news channel. Considering NewsNation is a channel that subscribers have to pay extra for each month, this wasn’t a problem that would have affected, or even been noticed by, all subscribers.

For those that were paying for the News Extra add-on to specifically access NewsNation, however, this was likely to be a real inconvenience. Other than replies to questions on social media, Sling remained fairly quiet about the issue, and about how long it would take to fix.

It does appear as though the problem has now been resolved. Over the past few hours, Sling has been following up with many of those social media questions and comments to confirm that access to NewsNation has been restored.

In spite of the restoration confirmation, and even though it seems to have only been Sling TV that was affected, Sling has yet to fully explain why the channel had gone offline in the first place.

Regardless of the reason, if you have been without NewsNation for the best part of the last week, you should now find the ‘technical issue’ warning message is gone, and that the channel is fully operational again.

For any Sling homes wanting access to NewsNation, as well as NewsMax and BBC News, all three of these channels and others can be added to either Sling Orange or Sling Blue through the $6 per month News Extra add-on.

Alternatively, and regardless of whether a Sling TV subscriber, NewsNation and many other news channels can be accessed through Level News. A standalone Level News subscription costs $5.99 per month, making it the same price as Sling’s News Extra add-on.

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