Sling TV Guarantees Price For One Year, Following fubo & YouTube TV Increases

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Sling TV has now announced a one-year price guarantee, following the recent price increases taking place with other live TV streaming services. As a result, anyone who signs up to Sling TV in the next month can rest assured that they won’t have to worry about any sudden price hikes in the next twelve months.


The live TV streaming market is constantly changing and this not only includes the addition of new services, but also how much any one service costs and the channels included in a package. While the price of live TV streaming started out cheap enough, over the years it has slowly been creeping up, resulting in many paying more than they would like to, or can, for access to live TV over the internet.

Sling TV says it is aware of the financial pressures currently facing consumers and to help has now activated a one-year price guarantee. Essentially, Sling says that anyone who signs up for Sling TV by August 1 will automatically have their monthly cost locked in for the next twelve months.


To be clear, Sling TV is not saying it won’t raise prices during that time, but if a price increase does hit the service, it won’t affect those new customers. In addition, existing subscribers who remain subscribed come August 1 will also find their price is locked down for the next year.

A Sling TV guarantee at the right time

The timing of Sling TV’s announcement is unlikely to be a coincidence, considering it was only yesterday that YouTube TV announced an immediate price increase to $64.99 per month. While that increase was the latest reminder of the price uncertainty of the market, it took fuboTV less than twenty-four hours to announce it was also raising its prices.

In fuboTV’s case, the Standard subscription is going up to $59.99 and the Family plan is rising to $64.99 per month. What’s more, unless requested by the subscriber, fuboTV is shifting all of those on the Standard plan to the Family plan automatically. While that will result in more simultaneous streams and a more generous cloud DVR allowance, it also means the price of the fuboTV subscription has gone from $54.99 to $64.99 very quickly.


With two high-profile price increases taking effect so close together, many subscribers will now be reevaluating their subscription and likely contemplating switching to a new service. Not only is Sling TV’s announcement perfectly timed to ensure those possible switchers are aware that a price increase won’t take place anytime soon if they switch to Sling, but it also reassures its current user base that they won’t have to worry about switching either.

At least, not for the next twelve months.

Source: Sling

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