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Spectrum Offering $15 Disney Dispute Credit, But Only If You Complain


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It would seem that Spectrum is now offering a $15 statement credit to customers affected by the Disney dispute. The catch, however, is Spectrum is only offering this one-time credit to customers who specifically complain.

When the dispute first came to light, Charter was quick to release a statement suggesting that this was no ordinary dispute and that it had proposed a completely new model to Disney. Soon after, Disney responded by making clear that, from its perspective, Charter was to blame for the ongoing situation.

With the loss of channels like Disney and ESPN, many Spectrum TV customers are understandably unhappy. According to multiple customer reports, after calling to voice their disappointment in the situation, they were offered a one-time $15 statement credit.

Neither Charter nor Spectrum have publicly announced the new refund, but there are enough reports circulating now to suggest that anyone who does call up will likely be offered the credit on their next bill.

We’ve also seen some confirmations on social media from the Ask Spectrum help account, confirming that credits are available for those that request one.

Last week, Spectrum also started emailing affected customers to offer them a special discount on Fubo. While it is strange that Spectrum would offer a discount on a competing service, that appears to be where this dispute has taken things.

For reference, the discount is only good for two months of Fubo service, and seems to assume the subscriber will continue to pay for their Spectrum TV service at the same time.

For those that do opt to get the $15 credit from Spectrum, it might be worth considering using it against a Sling TV subscription. While Sling’s Orange plan typically costs $40 a month, a promotion currently reduces the cost down to just $20 for the first month.

Sling TV
Updated Sling TV logo with emphasis on TV
Up to 40 channels
Up to 4 streams
50 hours DVR

$15 First Month

Sling Orange does include some of the Disney-owned channels removed from Spectrum, so while not a great long-term solution, coupled with the $15 credit, it is a way to get some of the channels back for the next month.

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