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Streaming Clarity Is Now Streaming Better

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Streaming Clarity is now Streaming Better. Although a small change in name, and address from to, it is an important one.

Since starting the goal has always been to bring clarity to the world of streaming. Today, that goal remains exactly the same. However, it has become increasingly clear that clarity on its own is not the real goal. While it is helpful to have a better understanding of the complicated streaming market, we want to make streaming better.

This site is designed to try and help explain the latest changes, how services work, and bring awareness to existing limitations and restrictions. To be clear, nothing is actually changing. Other than tweaks to the name and branding, the site is exactly the same. Likewise, the content published in the future will continue to be —for better or worse— exactly the same. It is just that ‘a better experience’ more aligns with the goal of the website than just ‘a clearer understanding’ of how the industry works. Put simply, the goal moving forward is to not only bring clarity to streaming, but to try and help make streaming better in the process

To the readers: You have proven to be an important resource on this journey. Whether directly contacting us by email or through comments on posts, you have continually provided valuable feedback on the services you use and your experiences – big shoutout to Grandma Kathy. This feedback also directly helps to further shape this website and its future content, all with a view of making the experience better. While not every comment is always responded to, they are read and used as feedback. Speaking of which, some comments left in the past few days may not have made it through the transition process. We apologize if any were lost.

Thank you for support.

John Finn
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John Finn

By John Finn

John Finn is the Founder and Editor of Streaming Better, a platform created in 2019 to help consumers navigate the complicated live TV streaming and subscription service market.

John has been covering technology for various online publications since 2014. After originally covering the wider tech industry as a writer and editor, John now spends his time focusing on the emerging video-streaming market, including live TV streaming, SVOD, AVOD, FAST, and TVOD services.

In a bid to keep up to date on the industry, John actively subscribes to multiple streaming services at the same time. However, John continues to advocate that the best approach for consumers is to rotate between streaming services as needed.

A Psychology graduate from England, who now lives in the US, John previously worked in the aviation industry as an airline reviewer. While reviewing airlines isn't quite the same as reviewing devices and streaming services, John brings the same analytical eye to all of his reviews and industry analysis, along with a special emphasis on what's best for the consumer.

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