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The Independent Streaming Alliance Gains Five More Members


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The Independent Streaming Alliance (ISA) has added five more members to its ranks. Originally formed in June of 2023, the ISA was created to help support independent streamers and promote competition within the streaming space.

The list of ISA founding members include Allen Media Group, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, Cineverse, Future Today, kweliTV, Revry, Scripps, Tastemade, TMB (Trusted Media Brands), and Vevo.

Today the Alliance confirmed that FilmRise, Gusto TV, Gunpowder & Sky, DangerTV, and Graham Media, have all also now joined the independent industry forum. The ISA also stated that it plans to continue recruiting new members across the spectrum of independent ad-supported video streaming services distributed on televisions and other connected devices.

The ISA is thrilled to add five new independent streaming publishers to its roster of members,” said Tim Ware, senior vice president of programmatic sales and partnerships for Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. “Each new member delivers unique content offerings and illustrates the value and importance of independent content creators to its millions of viewers, which is a primary objective of the Independent Streaming Alliance.”

As mentioned, the Independent Streaming Alliance was originally created with a view to supporting independent streamers, and specifically at a time when they are facing increased competition from larger players within the industry.

While many of the ISA members do operate, and have for a long time, within the free space, the rise in free, ad-supported streaming television (FAST) services has not only resulted in increased competition but also additional challenges, including those related to measurement, demand, distribution, and inclusion.

As was the case at launch, the ISA hopes to deal with these, and other issues that may arise in the future, by proactively engaging and working collaboratively with consumers, platforms, regulators and the media.

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