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TVision Channels: Live, Live+ & Live Zone Compared

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TVision Live Channel comparison

TVision Live provides access to between 34 and 66 channels, depending on the plan. TVision is a new live TV streaming service by T-Mobile that offers a choice between Live, Live+, and Live Zone tiers. The different plans mainly vary on price, the number of channels included, and their emphasis on live sports.

TVision Live, Live+, and Live Zone are all variations of the same plan. In addition to these three packages, TVision also offers a Vibe plan, priced at just $10 per month. Compared to the TVision Live options, the TVision Vibe package is severely limited in the selection of channels, and especially in terms of live news and sports.

Before taking a look at the exact channels included with the three TVision Live plans, it is important to understand the price difference. The cheapest option overall is the standard TVision Live plan, priced at $40 per month. The two additional plans increase by $10, respectively.

  • TVision Live – $40 per month (34 channels)
  • TVision Live+ – $50 per month (56 channels)
  • TVision Live Zone – $60 per month (66 channels)

TVision Live channels comparison

As to be expected, the most expensive plan is the one loaded with the most channels overall. Officially, T-Mobile states the TVision Live Zone plan provides access to 66 channels. In contrast, the TVision Live+ plan drops the number of channels down to 55, while the cheapest TVision Live plan only includes 34 channels.

Update November 20: T-Mobile recently announced that all of the TVision Live plans now come with every channel included with the TVision Vibe plan. This was announced as a holidays promotion, so it remains to be seen how long the change will remain in effect for. As a result, the channel list below does not include those additional channels. To view the channels available with TVision Vibe, click here.

TVision Live, Live+ and Live Zone channels compared:

ChannelTVision LiveLive+Live Zone
ABC News Live
ACC Network
Big Ten Network
Cartoon Network
Cozi TV
Disney Channel
Disney Junior
Disney XD
ESPN College Extra
ESPN Deportes
Fox Business Network
Fox Deportes
Fox News Channel
Golf Channel
Longhorn Network
National Geographic
Nat Geo Wild
NBC News Now
NBC Sports Network
NFL Network
NFL RedZone
Olympic Channel
Outside TV
SEC Network
Universal Kids

Besides the channels included with each of the three TVision Live plans, subscribers can also pick from a limited number of premium networks. Adding any of these networks to a package will increase the overall monthly price of the subscription, although the exact additional cost varies, depending on the premium network.

TVision Live, Live+, and Live Zone premium networks:

  • Epix $5.99 per month
  • Starz – $8.99 per month
  • Showtime – $10.99 per month

TVision plans vary on sports

While the more expensive TVision Live plans also include additional entertainment and news channels, the overwhelming difference is in terms of sports. Those looking for the best access to sports channels will want to opt for the $60 TVision Live Zone plan.

For example, not only does the TVision Live Zone plan include all of the sports channels available through TVision Live+, but also NFL RedZone. Likewise, while TVision Live+ includes all the sports channels available through the standard TVision Live plan, it also includes access to NFL Network.

In spite of being the most limited in terms of sports, the standard TVision Live plan does include access to ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBCSN channels.

TVision plan restrictions

With three different tiers to choose from, the TVision Live plans are likely to appeal to a variety of consumers. However, T-Mobile is not currently ready to offer its streaming service to everyone. What’s more, the availability is not based on location, as is often the case, but on the carrier a consumer receives their cellular plan from. For example, only T-Mobile postpaid and legacy Sprint customers are currently able to sign up to any of the TVision plans.

T-Mobile has stated that it will eventually make its TVision live TV service available to everyone in the United States, although the company has not provided any firm date on when. In the meantime, interested consumers will need to be subscribed to an eligible mobile plan, and add the TVision Live service to their T-Mobile account, either through the company’s app or website.

TVision Live channels summary

Overall, there are three different TVision Live plans to choose from. The cheapest is the $40 TVision Live package. For $50, consumers can upgrade to the TVision Live+ plan and gain access to more channels, including NFL Network. Likewise, sports-focused viewers can upgrade again to the $60 TVision Live Zone plan which, includes all of the channels available with the other two options, as well as NFL RedZone.

Besides the included channels, any TVision Live subscriber can also add premium networks to their live TV package, with prices starting from $5.99 per network. For anyone looking for a significantly cheaper live TV streaming plan, T-Mobile offers the TVision Vibe package, with access to more than 30 channels for just $10 per month.

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Updated November 21, 2020

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  1. The promotion from Apple TV on the 50.00 and up service was never sent to us and Apple responded that they were unaware of it. This needs to be fixed with T-Mobile. It states 12 months free of Apple +

    1. That’s strange. Did you register for the offer? If not, that might be the problem as it is T-Mobile who honors the deal and not Apple (probably why they don’t know/care). To register, head to and input your phone number (to confirm eligibility for the deal).

      You should then receive a promotional code from T-Mobile/TVision which you can use to redeem the free Apple TV+ in the Apple TV app.

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