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ViX+ Is No More But You Can Still Sign Up To The Same Premium Plan


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The latest rebrand sees the ViX Plus (ViX+) streaming service being absorbed by the standard ViX service. This change comes less than a year after the launch of ViX Plus.

ViX originally launched in 2022 as a free, ad-supported streaming service. Later in the same year, the ViX Plus subscription launched in select countries including the US. Priced at $6.99 per month (or $59.99 per year), ViX Plus was more of a premium offering with access to additional exclusive content.

A few months before its first anniversary, TelevisaUnivision is now in the process of removing ViX Plus from a branding perspective. What is not changing, however, is the plan itself. Not only is the same subscription still available, but it costs exactly the same as before, and offers access to exactly the same content as before.

Essentially, TelevisaUnivision is unifying the ViX and ViX Plus brands under the single brand – ViX. Instead of using + as a way to distinguish between the free and premium tiers, users will simply be able to continue to access the free service as normal or choose to upgrade to a premium ViX experience.

Those signing up to the service through will now find that they are redirected to the main ViX website and offered the option to try Premium instead of ViX Plus, confirming the change is already in effect.

The change is designed to help remove any general confusion around the service and what it offers, according to Deadline, who first reported the news. The change also follows the release of the company’s first quarter of 2023 results, which confirmed total revenue grew 6% to $1.1 billion and that global subscription and licensing revenue grew 7%.

According to TelevisaUnivision, the global subscription and licensing revenue growth was largely driven by ViX’s premium subscription tier, now formerly ViX Plus.

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