Vizio’s New Home Screen Experience Is A Major Upgrade

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Vizio has launched a new Home Screen experience that’s designed to be more intuitive and easy to use than ever before. The change is so massive that it may take some users a little time to get used to.


One of the benefits of purchasing a Vizio TV is that it does come with its own user experience that’s proven popular with users. While some of the more recent changes have come under criticism from some users, Vizio’s TV platform does tend to make it easy to find and use video apps and services.

Going forward, the experience looks set to become even better thanks to the release of a new Vizio Home Screen Experience. This appears to be a complete refresh and not just one that’s visually different.


For example, the top menu has now been completely replaced by a new left-side navigation menu, similar to the look and style of navigation menus that streaming services use, including Vizio’s own WatchFree Plus.

In addition to the new menu, Vizio also now offers a more simplified search experience and a greater ability to customize the home screen to better meet the needs of different users and homes.


Here’s how Vizio explains these three main takeaways from its new Home Screen experience:

  • Intuitive & navigable design: We revamped the menu and settings structures with a new left-side navigation and hierarchy that make browsing a breeze. New genre pages and an easier-to-use grid keyboard allow you to quickly search for content you’ll love.
  • Seamless Content Discovery: With new places to discover entertainment, plus rows of recommended shows, you can find and access more relevant content quickly. Hover over featured titles to show helpful information, including Rotten Tomatoes scores and reviews, making your VIZIO Home Screen the perfect starting point for your entertainment viewing experience.
  • Customization: Make the VIZIO Home Screen your own. Start customising the App Row to sort your favourite apps with a single click. The easy-to-browse app catalogue now includes comprehensive details and recommended programming so you can see the best of every app. Plus, add movies and shows from different apps to My Watchlist to see all your content in one place.

Want to see the actual changes in action, check out Vizio’s official Getting Started video below.

As seen in the video, this is a fairly big departure from the SmartCast look and feel of before, and so it is likely that some homes may need some time to adjust to the new experience.

As for the rollout, this is something that’s expected to happen in stages over the next few weeks. In other words, it may take some time for the new Vizio Home Screen experience to reach all compatible Vizio TVs.

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