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Vizio Smart TVs Gain Access To The Amazon Music App


Vizio TV Amazon Music app

Vizio smart TV owners now have access to the Amazon Music app and without the need for any additional hardware. This is only the latest in a long list of apps that have recently become compatible with Vizio TVs. Unlike many of the others, however, this expansion of app support is more focused on unlocking access to music rather than video.

Over the past year, Vizio TVs have gained support for a number of new apps. At the live TV streaming level, both Sling TV and fuboTV have arrived, while Discovery+ and HBO Max were recently added to improve the number of on-demand subscription services that are available. Those with a compatible SmartCast TV have also recently gained access to the A&E Crime Central, History Vault and Lifetime Movie Club club apps as well.

Adding to that list, the Amazon Music app is now available on Vizio smart TVs. As is typically the case with Vizio, there’s no need to download the app with Amazon Music now accessible directly from the home screen on the TV. As the announcement explains, the new app will likely be even more useful to those that have combined a Vizio smart TV with one of the company’s sound bars to create a surround sound experience in the home.

An Amazon Prime membership is required to take full advantage of the Amazon Music app, although there are no additional costs beyond that. Instead, Prime members get ad-free access to more than 2 million songs as part of their subscription. For those that want an even wider selection of songs to listen to, an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription unlocks more than 90 million. The Unlimited subscription does also open up access to podcasts, and includes the ability to listen offline on select devices.

It is worth pointing out that, for those without a Prime Membership, Amazon Music does also offer a completely free ad-supported version. As to be expected, this is severely limited compared to the membership and paid versions, but it does provide users with access to a variety of playlists and stations that they can listen to at no cost.

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