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Vizio’s New Spring Showcase Highlights The Latest WatchFree+ Content


Vizio Spring Showcase

Vizio has launched its Spring Showcase, providing Vizio smart TV owners with insight into some of the new and free content they will have access to over the coming weeks and months.

Vizio TVs come with their own user experience, SmartCast, and one of the benefits of this approach is that Vizio has greater control over the experience. This includes launching curated events throughout the year, such as last year’s Winter Watchland and Fall Fest, both of which brought together a collection of movies, shows, and other seasonal content.

With Spring now officially here, so is the latest Vizio curated event. Vizio’s Spring Showcase is a curated collection of programming available to watch on WatchFree+, the free streaming service that unlocks access to a wide selection of live channels and on-demand content on SmartCast TVs.

In terms of the content, some of the new exclusives that Vizio TV owners can check out include Drag Race Down Under, Samuel L Jackson: Did I Stutter, and Prince Harry: Being The Spare. Vizio is also using the Spring Showcast to highlight some of the various single series channels it now offers through WatchFree+.

For example, VIZIO House (channel 501) for those interested in a channel dedicated to DIY and home improvement, Project Runway (channel 324 and on-demand) for those interested in a channel featuring Project Runway and Project Runway All Stars episodes, and Family Feud Classic (channel 315) for those interested in watching timeless episodes of the beloved gameshow.

For any younger users in a Vizio household, Spring Showcase will also be drawing attention to free channels dedicated to classic favorites like Strawberry Shortcake (channel 903), Bob the Builder (channel 902), and Teletubbies (channel 904).

To check out any of the Spring Showcase programming, simply click on the new Spring Showcase banner on the Vizio TV’s home screen, or open the WatchFree+ app.

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