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You Can Still Sign Up To DirecTV Stream — Here’s How


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DirecTV has effectively replaced DirecTV Stream with the option of choosing between an internet-based and satellite-based DirecTV service. However, it is still possible to sign up to DirecTV Stream if that’s what you want.

Along with the new internet and satellite branding, DirecTV also now offers a new Gemini device as well. While this new streaming player is currently free to new subscribers, it still comes with a $15 fee each month. As far as we can tell, it doesn’t look like DirecTV Internet customers can currently opt out of purchasing this device either.

This additional fee, along with the fact that you would have to return the box if you cancel the service, is enough of a reason to consider signing up for DirecTV Stream over DirecTV Internet.

With The launch of the new services, DirecTV removed the old DirecTV Stream webpage which now directs the user to the main and newly unified DirecTV website. However, the company has also launched a new DirecTV Stream webpage which still offers the option to sign up to any of the plans, and without having to add the DirecTV Gemini device.

Those familiar with DirecTV Stream’s plans may immediately notice that the packages seem to have changed slightly. Specifically, the Premier plan has disappeared. While that does seem to be the case on the home page, it is still available through this dedicated page. It’s unclear what’s happening here, but DirecTV does seem to be actively hiding its most expensive package.

Whether that means the Premier package will soon disappear altogether, or be replaced with something else, remains to be seen, though it is a possibility.

Otherwise, not much seems to have changed at the plan level. With The introduction of the new Internet and Satellite services, DirecTV did drop the price of its Entertainment and Choice plans. Even though that price drop doesn’t also apply to those now signing up to DirecTV Stream, they can still save $10 on the monthly cost for the first three months.

If you need another reason to consider DirecTV Stream over the new DirecTV Internet package, you can still get a free trial with DirecTV Stream. From what we can tell, there’s currently no free trial available to DirecTV Internet customers.

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