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Check Your YouTube TV Account For A $4.99/mo 4K Plus Deal (Update: Not Just Existing Subscribers)


YouTube TV add 4K Plus

Update: We are now seeing this promotion for one of our YouTube TV accounts that wasn’t showing the deal previously. Therefore it is worth checking again even if you have already checked as it does seem to still be going live for accounts that were not previously included in the promotion.

For reference, the account now showing the option to sign up to 4K Plus for just $4.99 per month is no longer signed up to YouTube TV (was in the past) and has never been used for a 4K Plus free trial. This indicates that the deal is not only being shown to existing subscribers, but also returning subscribers, and potentially those signing up for the first time.

Youtube TV $4.99 4K Plus base deal
4K Plus deal works for returning subscribers as well

Original article: Some YouTube TV subscribers are currently being offered the option to sign up to the 4K Plus add-on at a greatly reduced monthly price. 4K Plus not only unlocks access to 4K streams, but it also increases the number of streams that a household has access to at the same time. However, the general lack of available 4K content, and the high monthly price, does mean the add-on isn’t going to appeal to all homes.

While the standard price of the 4K Plus add-on is $19.99 per month, YouTube has continually been running a promotion that reduces the cost down to either $9.99 or $11.99 per month. This discount only applies to the first 12 months, so unless the add-on is removed from the subscriber’s package in time, the subscriber is automatically charged the full $20 per month after the discounted 12-month period.

Right now, however, multiple subscribers have reported being offered the option to sign up to 4K Plus for $4.99 or $6.99 per month. As seen in this Reddit thread, not only is the monthly price cheaper to begin with, but the lower price is also locked in for a longer period. While most 4K Plus discounts apply to the first 12 months, these deals seem to apply for the first 24 months.

At $5 or $7 per month, 4K Plus seems like a much better deal and one which would likely result in more people giving the upgrade a try. In our testing, 4K Plus was worth it for live sports, but non-sports content was too limited to make the additional cost worthwhile. The same was also the case for the additional streams. If a home needs access to more than the base plan provides, then 4K Plus is a good way to add extra streams, just not at the full monthly cost.

At the moment, it remains unclear who exactly is being offered the deal. There is no known code available to activate the promotion and not all YouTube TV subscribers are being offered a discount. The only way to check an individual account’s eligibility is to log in and see the price being offered. For example, visiting the YouTube TV website, logging in, clicking the profile picture in the top-right corner and then on Settings. The subscriber will then be able to view their Membership information including their current base plan price and whether any discount is available for the 4K Plus add-on.

Alternatively, subscribers can open any of the platform apps and check whether YouTube TV is showing a discount for 4K Plus under the Membership section of the settings.

As this is not a promotion that has officially been announced by YouTube TV yet, it also remains unclear how long it will be available for. Some have speculated that previously activating the free trial for 4K Plus might disable the deal, and that’s likely to be correct. YouTube only offers 4K Plus discounts to those that haven’t signed up to the add-on in the past, so being a current or previous 4K Plus subscriber likely rules you out.

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