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YouTube TV: How to Manage Account & Make Subscription Changes

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YouTube TV allows subscribers to manage their account by making various changes to a plan, including adding more channels, adjusting billing and payment methods, as well as canceling a YouTube TV subscription. Understanding all of these options and how to access them can help to make sure the consumer maximizes the experience.


YouTube TV now costs $64.99 per month, following a number of price increases over the years for those that have been with the service since the beginning. For new subscribers, YouTube TV offers a seven-day free trial as standard, although it can sometimes be shorter or longer, depending on any promotions that the service is running at the time.

Regardless of whether a new or existing subscriber, it is important to be aware of the various account options that are available. Luckily, YouTube TV is a fairly easy to use service, with Google making it simple to adjust a subscription through the user’s account section.


Accessing your YouTube TV account settings

A YouTube TV account is linked to the subscriber’s Google account. This is normally determined when signing up to the service for the first time with a Google email address. While all the various platform apps will allow subscribers to see some account details, the best way to access a YouTube TV’s account settings is through the website.

Access YouTube TV settings via website:

  1. Visit YouTube TV
  2. Sign in
  3. Click on profile icon (top-right)
  4. Click on Settings

Access YouTube TV settings via mobile:

How many changes a subscriber can make to their YouTube TV account on a mobile device will depend on the mobile device. For example, iOS device users will need to access the website. If they want to do this on their mobile device, then they will need to visit YouTube TV through their mobile web browser and not through the iPhone or iPad app. Android users not only have the option of accessing their YouTube TV account through the mobile web browser, but also through the Android app on smartphones and tablets.

  1. Open YouTube TV
  2. Tap on profile picture.
  3. Tap Settings

Once in the settings, the user will be presented with a number of options related to the various aspects of their subscription. For example, Membership. Clicking on this section allows the subscriber to cancel or pause their YouTube TV membership, as well as add premium networks and channels to their subscription. Essentially, it is the main way to manage the subscription overall, including the content available through the individual’s YouTube TV plan.


Billing, Family sharing and Home area

Outside of Membership, the other sections listed in the Settings menu relate to the other ways an account can be managed. In other words, the non-content parts of a YouTube TV subscription. For example, the Billing section provides an overview of the cost of a YouTube TV subscription. This not only includes the current monthly price and the due date for the next bill, but also the options for managing payments, such as changing or adding a new payment method.

Two other important areas of the Settings are Family sharing and Area. Starting with the first, YouTube TV offers account holders the option to share their account with up to five other people. The Family sharing section of the settings menu is where the user can manage who is part of a YouTube TV family account, including adding or removing individual members.


Then there is the Home area section. Listed as “Area” in the settings menu, subscribers can adjust this section to make changes to what YouTube TV defines as the Home area. It is important to make sure this section is up to date as the defined Home area not only affects which, and how many, devices can stream at the same time, but other features as well, including which local channels a subscriber has access to with their plan.

These are not all of the sections available, as the settings menu also allows tweaks to the live guide, privacy settings, dark mode, and information on how Nielsen TV measurement data is collected as well as how to opt out. However, the billing, family sharing and area settings are likely to be the ones most subscribers will want access to.

Manage YouTube TV account summary

YouTube TV subscribers can make a number of adjustments to their account through the Settings section. Once in the Settings section, they will be able to access Membership and Billing to make adjustments like canceling their subscription or changing the method of payment. Subscribers can also make a number of other adjustments to further customize the overall live TV experience, including managing family members, changing their home area location, and updating their privacy options.

The best way to access the Settings section is directly through the YouTube TV website, by either using a desktop or mobile web browser. This is the case for those who tend to watch YouTube TV on a smart TV, streaming player or iOS device. However, Android device owners will be able to make a number of the same adjustments to their account directly though the YouTube TV Android app.


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Agree. After newer downloads, I can’t even change my payment method. Someone accessed my atm card making 36 purchases so all my auto debits failed. Added several new payment methods yet they never accessed any and cancelled my yttv immediately. Been working on it daily to no avail and no one called me back. I’m thinking I may be better off using another streaming app. It’s rediculous. This app is too much of a pita.

I can’t talk to anyone and I can’t get into my account to make my necessary changes. This process is a total joke and one big headache.

I can’t get any help with charges for HBO max and I don’t have it! This is a disgrace and next step is the better business bureau. I have spent too much time trying to get someone to help me, like a way to speak to a live person.

I totally agree. I’ve been trying for a while now with no success. I’m frustrated and thinking about canceling my YouTube tv

All I want to do is pay bill . I lost old debit card and got new one. Biggest runaround and. I still don’t know why I can’t pay now!!!
You guys assume everyone a geek on this tech stuff, I am not, and if this isn’t resolved very soon I am calling Dish Monday!!!!!

Having issue with payment. No one can help. There is no live person. Not understanding why this is happening. I guess YouTube tv don’t appreciate real legit customers. This is bull

Well…we pay for our YOU TUBE TV account every month. Every day I turn the tv on and choose YOU TUBE TV. Today, all day in fact, as it is nearing midnight, it says s I can sign up for free tv, yada/yada. Have not been able to watch the damn YOU TUBE TV channel one time today. Not sure what gives. The cursor continues to circle around over a million times looking for WiFi of which all the other TV’s in the house are working, and the computer and the phone….but NOT the family room TV. What gives. So much for SERVICE…there is NO SERVICE in this case. Talk about being P.O’d. Thanks for nothing.

This is the most frustrating website ever, can’t even get to my account. Have a additional 9.99 taken out of my account plus 64.99 for my monthly payment, have no idea why. May have to cancel and get something new. Not worth the stress. The worst service I have ever experienced.

That’s why I’m here – so frustrated wasting my time trying to get my account info off this stupid site! wants me to sign up – i’m already paying customer signed IN!! — wnats to sell me packages – I don’t want anything new. I WANT to see ALL my account info

I have been charged 69.35 a month for youtube tv. I already have it this was a mistake please remove the charge and future charges

I have 2 devices I get YouTube TV on; one is my iPad and the other is our home tvs. Last night I had to sign in again like I was a new customer. It’s bad enough I have to do this with TCM. I do not want to have to sign in every time I turn on the TV.

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